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Half Way to Becoming a Dentist!

Hi everyone!

Long time, no blog! I realise I haven't written a blog post in over year but I'm back and thought I would kick off with a little life update.

So if you didn't already know, I'm currently in my 3rd year of studying Dentistry. As it's a 5 year course, I recently passed the half way mark (woo woo!) which was celebrated to great extents with an absoultely fabulous ball with all of my year! 

I've also had 2 city breaks abroad this year which has been absolutely fab! The first was to Barcelona to visit my friend Rubin who had been studying there. I had such a lovely time, despite losing my voice and being conned out of $15 for a 'traditional herbal remedy'...

The second was to Krakow as a post exam treat - what a beautiful city! I loved all the street artwork and there were some amazing little restaurants there. We also visited Auschwitz which was a real eye opener and definitely an emotional day. The salt mines were super fun - I licked all the walls haha and I definitely now have super high blood pressure ...

I've also been elected as Treasurer for our Dental Students Society for the next year which I can't wait to get stuck into. So far, I'm loving being on committee - mainly as we have personalised polos and eat cake at the meetings...

I also had a minor breakdown regarding exams and I chopped all my hair off - in the above picture you can see a massive strand of hair which clearly I forgot to cut oops...

I've recently come out of a relationship and now have a lot more time for myself, so I'm spending this time making some really good food (posts coming soon..) and hanging out with my friends! Dental School can be cliquey at times but I feel as though I've branched out from my friendship group a lot this year and so I'm looking to strengthen those relationships. 

This may be a little deep for a Sunday afternoon, but I really feel as though I'm worrying less about all the stresses life brings. I care less about what other people think and if something goes wrong I'm finding it much easier to let go! I'm also feeling much more confident and a lot less anxious about social situations. I do find myself slipping back into my old ways in terms of feeling anxious about various things, but for the most part its onwards & upwards!

At home, my mum moved house to a lovely little home in Stockport! It's beautiful and cosy and I love spending time with her back there. I'm hoping we will go on a few adventures in the summer and I endeavour to keep you all updated with our antics.

I hope you've enjoyed this little debrief & update of my life! I'd love to hear all about any news you guys have too :)

Liv x



Abbott Lyon Rose Gold Watch Ted Bake Rose Gold Earrings Asos
Abbott Lyon Rose Gold Watch Ted Bake Rose Gold Earrings Asos

Rose gold accessories are my absolute jam at the minute. Not only are they really quite festive, but I find they compliment any sort of outfit too! Despite not being a massive jewellery person, these are my favourite throw on pieces to oomph up any outfit and make me feel so much more glam!
I actually received the Abbott & Lyon watch for my 20th Birthday, along with these Ted Baker Rose Gold & Pearl studs. They are both absolutely stunning and just add a little something-something to my everyday jeans and a tee. The little teeny-tiny hoops are from ASOS and retail for a mere £6. They are a little fiddly to put in, especially if you have massive sausage fingers like myself. However, they're deffo worth the struggle as they look so cute!

What are your go to accessories this A/W?

Liv x



Tatti Lashes TL3
Tatti TL3 Lashes

When it comes to falsies I rarely stray from my beloved Eylure 143s - they are hands down one of the best lash styles EVER. But when I saw that they had gone up to £8, EIGHT POUNDS, on the ASOS website, I took to www.falseeyelashes,co.uk to have a browse of some different styles. 

I had come across the Tatti Lashes brand before but had thought  nine quid - that's a bit pricey isn't it? Well it seems like that's the going rate at the minute. Also, the Tatti Lashes are mink so really they're not half as expensive as say Lily Lashes.

I was a little bit worried these might look cray on my tiny eyes but they actually look amazing - no joke! They're so fluffy and thick. The band is pretty thick but they were super easy to apply, it's like they were already moulded to my eye shape. These lashes come with a little vial of glue which was SO STICKY. In the best way possible! I really hope they sell the glue separately cos mama needs that in her life.

Overall these were an absolute dream to wear and I reckon I'll defo be getting a good 5-10 uses out of these bad boys!

What are your favourite lashes?