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Just a quick fashion post via Polyvore

I thought it was about time I ought to do a fashion post as I rarely do them on my blog nowadays. This is just an outfit incorporating various items that I have been loving and that are appropriate for the dreary weather we're having at the mo! I have also included some beauty bits - how gorge is that Nars lipgloss?! Also, some music I've been loving, I feel as though I've rediscovered and refallen (?) in love with The Weeknd since hearing his contribution to the 50 Shades soundtrack, Earned It - go give it a listen!




So if you've followed my blog, instagram and twitter for a while you will know that I am completely in love with Lana Del Rey. I went to see her in concert back in 2013 and I'm desperate to see her live again when she next tours Europe. She looked absolutely stunning at the Golden Globes 2015 last week, I loved the dress, hair and make up. She definitely looked like a more traditional Lana: big hair and big liner, as opposed to what she has been wearing to promote UV: lots of eye shadow and liner smoked out on the lower lash line. I feel like she could be returning to the Born To Die era, especially with the rumours surrounding her new album, Honey Moon.

Lana looked as though she was glowing from within so I started off with MAC's Strobe Cream to hydrate my skin and stop it from looking so lack-lustre. I then stippled some of the Revlon Photo Ready Foundation all over my skin using a damp beauty blender. Following that, I covered my under eye circles and any pesky blemishes with the MAC Prolong wear concealer. This concealer does crease on me so I then set it with some of my Maybelline Matte Me Powder to avoid it settling into those fine lines, 'cos that just ain't how Lana rolls. Moving onto brows, I used my MAC Omega eye shadow, but I've heard that an Anastasia Beverley Hills product was used on her brows for this look. For the classic LDR flick I used my Soap & Glory Super Cat Liner and then coated my lashes with the Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara. Lana looks as though she is wearing lashes in the picture, but I skipped this step. Now onto lips, I used my Me Now Liner to line my lips and then colour them in. And ta-da Lana make up look complete!

Do you like Lana's make up?





You will need:
Nude Polish
Glitter Polish
A lot of patience
 So first of all you just want to paint your nail with a nude polish, I chose the Bourjois So Laque Glossy in Indispen-sable which was opaque in around 2 to 3 coats. Then, grab your glitter nail polish, I've used the Maybelline Colour Show in Knitted Gold, using the tip of the brush paint on the tips. I decided to go for a few thin coats instead of one big thick one as it dried much quicker and the glitter was a lot more opaque. Of course, you could use tape to ensure a straighter, cleaner line but when I take off the tape it always takes off all my nail polish, so I just did the tips free hand. Wait for the first coat to dry and then add a few more until it's as opaque as you'd like it to be. Then top it off with a top coat and you're ready to  go!

Do you like nude nails?



Five fail safe products to take you from work to play..
My first product that will certainly perk up your complexion after a hard day at work, school or simply running errands comes in the form of a bronzer, namely the Seventeen Instant Glow Cream Bronzer. It just makes you look alive again, even if you feel like you're about to fall asleep. It's matte so can be used for contouring or just bronzing, which makes it the perfect 2 in 1 product. Sticking with the base, next up is highlighter - I have the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Lightscapade which is very versatile in the sense that it can be swept over the cheek bones for a subtle look or if you want you can build it up a little to create a real glow from within sort of look. This makes it suitable for almost any occasion. Moving swiftly onto eyes, I have chosen the Soap and Glory Super Cat Liner as a slick flick of eyeliner can make you look instantly more glam, as does a pair of lashes, I have chosen the Eyelure 70s as they add a nice amount of volume but don't look too in your face. Of course, you could  just go very heavy on the mascara and essentially get the same effect. Finally the lips, this is the real stand out product for me, which takes the form of The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper. It is a beautiful red lip stain that won't budge all night! It's also relatively easy and mess free to apply so you could pop it on in a flash to take you from office ready to evening appropriate.
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High street, or drugstore products, are some of my favourite beauty bits to buy as there are so many little gems hidden within the aisles of boots which can sometimes be better than, or on par with, high end beauty products. Also, I don't feel half as guilty buying a bronzer for under £10 than I do after buying one that's two or three times the price. So, I've gathered all the affordable bronzers I own in order to give you the lowdown of my fave (and not so favourite) ones.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer
This is probably my personal favourite out of the six, and definitely my most well loved as it is looking a little worse for wear after I hit pan AND dropped it so the lid fell off. This bronzer has two sides - a lighter one and a darker one - but I just swirl it all together and pop it on my cheek bones to add a bit of warmth to my face. Not too orange nor too muddy so perfect for the natural look, although the shades are quite light so I don't know how this would fare on those with darker skin tones. At £11 it is certainly at the top end of the high street price range, but it is worth it if you have a few extra pennies to spare.

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder
Or more well known as simply the Chocolate Bronzer. I love the smell of the bronzer and I love how it looks on other people when I see it featured in YouTube videos, but I just can't get mine to show up at all! Even in swatches, there is no colour at all. It's not even sheer - it's invisible. I think I've probably got a duff one as so many people rave about this bronzer. I'm tempted to give the highlight and bronzer duo that Bourjois have just released but I don't want to be left disappointed again. For £7.99 you can't really go wrong, but for me it isn't my favourite.

Max Factor Bronzing Powder in Bronze
I never see many posts featuring this bronzer on the blogosphere which is surprising as it's a really beautiful bronzer. It is slightly shimmery, so not for everyone but I just use it to warm up my complexion and it gives such an amazing glow to the skin, so you don't even have to use highlighter (although I still do most days..;)). The pigmentation is so good with this bronzer so it's important to use a light hand. I love a multifunctional product so this is a real winner for me and it looks beautiful as eye shadow too. This is only £6.99 and is available from both Boots and Superdrug.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer
I suppose this is cheating a little as this is a primer rather than a bronzer but personally I prefer to use this on top of my foundation to warm up my face. It has a moussey texture and a chocolately sweet scent. It is a little difficult to use as it isn't the both blendable product and the texture can make it quite drying. Despite this, once on the skin it gives a lovely and rather natural glow - perfect for winter when we all need perking up a little. This comes in at £9.99 which, in my opinion, is a little steep for the tiny pot.

ELF Blush & Bronzer Duo in St Lucia
This is supposed to be a dupe for the Nars Orgasm & Laguna Duo which I don't own so I can't really compare the two but I do really like the shades of the blush and bronzer in this duo. They are both riddled with shimmer and the bronzer isn't as finely milled which makes me not reach for the duo as often. I do love how they look together though and the blush is particularly stunning really perks up my skin when it's looking dull. I may have to invest in Nars Orgasm & Laguna duo some time soon to compare them, for blogging purposes only of course ;) This duo is only £3.95 so definitely won't break the bank if you're interested in trying it.

Seventeen Cream Bronzer
This is up there with one of my favourite bronzers as it looks very natural, dewy and fresh on the skin. It is very pigmented but also blendable and long lasting. I wouldn't say it's quite as long lasting as a powder and I don't really blend it down my neck, due to fearing the dreaded transfer onto my collar. Nevertheless, the bronzer is very pretty and also matte so perfect for doing a little bit of Kim K contouring (Kontouring?). For only £5.99 in Boots you can't go wrong!

What's your favourite bronzer?


As of late I have really been getting into winged, cat eye liner - possibly due to my love affair with both Chrisspy and Nikkei Tutorials. To achieve said eye liner look I have purchased two felt tip type liners that have quickly muscled their way into my everyday make up routine.
First up is the Soap & Glory Super Cat Fat Liner which was purchased accidentally (I meant to get the original.. which I later got as a Christmas present anyway) and at first I was rather bitter about - a couple of quid extra and a fat nib was not a pleasant surprise I'm sure you will all agree. But soon I let my grudge go and I began to come to terms with the fact that now I've got it, I may as well use it. I'm not much of a fan of the extra large nib as it just makes eyeliner a whole lot more difficult. I just take my MAC 263 Angled Liner Brush to dab it onto the nib and go from there - it makes eyeliner so much easier and the tiny tiny MAC 263 brush is amazing at getting a thin line right in the inner corner. Of course, you could use the 263 brush the whole way across your eye but I like to use the original Super Cat Liner for the rest of my eye. SO unnecessary, I know, but seeing as I received the original as a crimbo present I may as well put it to good use! So, using the original Super Cat Liner which has a much thinner nib, I do the rest of the line and the wing. The shape of the nib makes the wing so much easier and now the only problem I face is getting them even, which never goes well. The formulation of both eyeliner pens are really nice - jet black and last for most of the day. Of course, having the two is totally unnecessary and down right ridiculous so if I had to recommend one it would be the original Soap & Glory Super Cat Liner. It has a much thinner nib making eyeliner a little more manageable and if you want, you could still use an angled brush with it.
What's your favourite liquid/felt tip type liner?



New Year, New Blog?

If you saw my New Years Resolutions post you will know that one of my goals is to start blogging more so I thought I'd do a little revamp to motivate me to post more regularly.
The last time I updated my blog feels like absolutely donkey years ago so I have changed a few key details including the header and the side headings.

You can probs tell I haven't got a pro to do it - I just used PicMonkey to make all the changes. It drives me absolutely mad but it's the best free online photo editor out there! It's not the most creative as art just isn't my forte, but I do hope you like it as much as me.

I'd love to know if you have any suggestions on how to improve my design!


source: Pinterest

Another year is here and this time I'm determined to stick to my goals and resolutions.

2014 has been good to me and I'm hoping that will be reciprocated in 2015 and for years after. I'm going into the New Year with positive thinking (although I have mock exams when I go back to Sixth Form which could change all of that) and with a few tangible goals, which include:

1. Stay healthy
I'm not usually unhealthy but I do occasionally binge on chocolate, sweets, crisps and I love a McDonalds once in a blue moon. Then again, I'm not super healthy; I don't eat salads everyday nor do I own a gym membership. The reason I have said 'stay healthy' instead of 'become healthy' or 'get fit' is that I actually do feel healthy and I want that to continue but with a few less packets of crisps!

2. Wear what I want
I feel like this applies to make up especially. I sometimes feel like I wear too much just because my friends aren't as interested with make up, but it is just something I enjoy!! I can't help it, I just get carried away haha. I think I've found my ultimate naturalish false lash (Eyelure's 70 lashes if you're wondering) which I want to stock up on so I can wear them whenever I want.

3. Work hard
This applies to both sixth form and on my blog. As I mentioned I have mocks in Biology and Chemistry as soon as I go back to Sixth Form and I haven't done as much revision as I'd like to. Of course, I've done a few past papers but some things I'm just not that confident on. I feel as though I need to stop beating myself up about it though haha. I also need to start getting into a good blogging routine so I can upload more posts. 2015 will be the year when I get a post up every week - I PROMISE! 

4. Be more helpful
Particularly around the house. As it's just me and my mum in my house most of the time, I really should be helping her a lot more so she doesn't feel as though she's on her own. 

5. Finish my Wreck This Journal
I recieved one for Christmas and it so good! I've only done a few pages so far, but I shall finish it later this year! It's such a unique idea and allows you to be very creative.

6. Read more books
I love books but feel as though I never have time to read them, but the reality is that I do have enough time I'm just always on my phone! My boyfriend bought me Peyton Place for Christmas, after I enjoyed Valley of the Dolls so much, which I shall be starting tonight!

I hope y'all had a brill New Year and I hope 2015 brings you all you could wish for.