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haul: topshop, primark, boots etc

Hello my lovelies!

So last weekend i went shopping..oops. But, in my defence i did manage to restrain myself from everything i laid eyes on when i was in town, and many were repurchases. Here's what i bought..

top photo L-R clockwise: Dove hair therapy oil | rimmel stay matte powder | collection lasting perfection concealer | models own nail polish in utopia | top shop blush in head over heels | stargazer white foundation
bottom photo L-R: khaki crop top & grey tshirt both primark

The dove hair therapy oil is something that i have been meaning to get for a while! i've seen it being featured and raved about on some blogs and my friend, who has beautiful hair, uses it too! It has such a gorgeous scent, that after i've put it in my hair i can't stop smelling it haha, and i love it when the wind blow and you get a little whiff of it. You can put it on either wet or dry hair which i love because it doesn't make my hair greasy or weighed down, but it makes it feel very nourished! Also, it's on offer at boots for £1.79 at the moment so it would be rude not to get it!

rimmel stay matte powder is pretty much the most raved about powder on the web. With it's low price tag and high quality, it's definitely worth the hype. They have changed the packaging slightly, making the lid go on tighter and more secure, which is a massive bonus! They have also embossed the rimmel crown logo on to the powder. I can't see myself buying another powder anytime soon as i love this so much, and will continue to repurchase until they discontinue it, which will hopefully be never! it's available from boots and superdrug for £3.99.

collection lasting perfection concealer is another well known and raved about beauty product in the blogosphere, which also has an incredibly low price tag. It has amazing coverage, and for me, almost the exact match. I find that as they get older, and start to run out they begin to go a bit orangey on me (or maybe im getting paler?!) so i repurchased a new one! i also find they get grubby so quickly too! this concealer is available from boots & superdrug for £4.19

models own nail polish in utopia is something that i saw on llymlrs' blog and fell in love instantly! The boots close to me didn't have a models own counter so when i went to my town's shopping center (manchester arndale) i was so excited to finally get this! it's a lovely grey-lilac-nude-pink-off white kind of shade! I have a notd coming your way soon!

topshop blush in head over heels I FINALLY OWN SOME TOPSHOP MAKE UP. although it's only a blush.. it still counts. I didn't want to buy loads of things from there just because i already have enough! after doing my favourite spring blushes rachael from said she was loving the topshop blush in head over heels so i thought i'd have a little swatch the next time i went to topshop and OH MY i love it. It is literally the colour of summer. Stupidly i took the picture above without the colour of the blush showing, so i will definitely do a blog post reviewing this blush!

stargazer white foundation is something i ordered online from blue banana because during the #bbloggers chat on twitter, a lot of people said they liked this to mix with darker foundations, and seeing as i'm very pale and many drugstore foundations are too dark for me i thought this was perfect.. however i think this is my least favourite purchase as it just doesn't work for me! despite making my foundation the right shade, it makes it very drying, and also makes it cling to dry patches sadly.. ahh well!

primark khaki crop top & grey tshirt were the only fashion purchases i made. i had my heart set on getting a black midi skirt but in primark they only had them in every size but my size and then in topshop and other places i just thought the price was a bit ridiculous so i am hoping to go back to primark and hope that they have my size! anyway, i got the crop top in a size 12 as i fell in love with it, especially the rolled back sleeves and again there were no size 8s and it was only £3! I also got a grey tshirt with the same style sleeves but full length! this is lovely for lounging about in and tucking into jeans/shorts/skirts, and it was a bargain for only £3.50!

So that is all for my haul! what have you bought recently?

Thanks for reading!


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Don't Miss Out: Firmoo's Free Offer & Crazy Giveaway!*

Hello my lovelies!

Hope you're all well! So today I am so excited to share this amazing news that Firmoo is giving out FREE glasses!
Are you bored with your overused & old style glasses, and are you feeling for a change now that we are stepping into spring/summer? Now is the time for you to replace those tired, outdated glasses that you may have had for so long and trade them in for glasses that are up-to-date, fashionable and perfect for you!

It's also a given fact that we should have our eyes checked and glasses prescription updated once a year to reduce the risk of our eyesight deteriorating from using old prescription eyeglasses (you can't argue with facts!)  Actually I know all these, but I don't have the budget to replace the one that I have now. I was so depressed unless I accidentally found that Firmoo is giving out free pair. They are offering FREE glasses (Frames + Lenses + Shipping = £0!) as well as discount coupons, so that any one of you can take an advantage of them! Don't miss out Firmoo free offer!

image source:firmoo

And there's more, if you are a first time customer at Firmoo, you can also get your first pair for free . Only pay a minimum £6.95 shipping fee.
But for those who missed the free pair, you still don't have to be discouraged because they have another limited time offer which will save you 20% off on frames + total shipping fee! 
Pretty good huh?

image source: firmoo
Isn't that awesome?! Take your time and enjoy your good luck at


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*sponsored post

OOTD: barbie gal

hey guys!

hope you're all having a good start to the week! today i thought i'd do a quick OOTD from the weekend, i didn't actually go out anywhere apart from a bit of shopping and then did some baking at home which went surprisingly well (our scales our broken so i just guessed all the measurements ha).

barbie top - ebay 
joni jeans - topshop
chelsea boots (not pictured)  - topshop

Ahhhh i am in love with this crop top so much, and it's not even mine, it's my sisters. It is quite cropped so I think i will be only wearing it with high waisted bottoms as i'm not too confident in showing my whole midriff. The barbie top has long sleeves with a barbie 'graffiti' type print which i love so much ahh. i paired it with my topshop joni jeans, which don't look too flattering in the top photo haha. they are beginning to go white down the sides and i'm tempted to return them but i bought them a while ago so i'm not sure if they'd let me return them?! then the shoes that i'm wearing, which aren't shown, are my topshop chelsea boots which they don't sell anymore wahh. 

That's all for now, thank you for reading hope you enjoyed!


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lush mask of magnaminty review!

hey guys!

it is finally friday! i have had such a long week preparing for my spanish oral which was today but i think it went pretty well, so hopefully the hard work payed off! and also, if you follow me on twitter you might  now that due to changing my url last week my posts haven't been showing up on my dashboard which is very annoying but fingers crossed i think it's fixed! If you didn't see my last post it was my eyebrow routine! anyway, today i thought i'd do a review on lush's mask of magnaminty!

What do Lush say?
 "This is one of our ultimate products and is intended for what Adrian Mole (Age 13 3/4) describes as Big Boy spots. Spots that take two days to come up but five days to bugger off.  And always when you have a date or something important coming up. Mask of Magnaminty does everything it can to fight these types of outbreaks and return the skin to tip top condition."
Mask of Magnaminty is a thick green mask that hardens and sets after you put it on your face. When you wash it off you can also rub it into your skin to exfoliate, which is great if you're like me and love 2-in-1 products! I use it 2 or 3 times a week and sometimes dotted it on those really bad, bruise-like spots for a bit of extra treatment! The mintyness (new word?!) of it makes your skin feel so refreshed and cleansed and not as "sluggish" (to quote lush). It's not at all drying and definitely makes my skin feel decongested, although I am not too sure about it preventing breakouts, not with my skin anyway, however i do find that it did help make my skin feel so much smoother and looked a lot clearer!.

Despite making you look a bit like the Hulk, I really like this face mask and shall definitely be repurchasing when i run out! I might also pick up cosmetic warrior as i have heard some good things about it!

Have you tried any Lush face masks? Which ones would you recommend?

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!


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eyebrow routine#1

hey lovelies!

hope you're all well and having a lovely start to the week! today i thought i'd do a post on my eyebrow routine! i often chop and change between products but i this is my go-to routine when i want to fill my eyebrows in, which is pretty much any day that i'm wearing make up.

products used: mac eyebrow pencil in lingering | mua clear mascara | maybelline eyebrow pencil - just for the spooly | 

1. i used the spooly end of my maybelline eyebrow pencil to brush through my brows, as i actually don't own an eyebrow comb. 
2. i lightly filled in my brows using little brush strokes to mimic hairs. i followed my natural eyebrow shape but added a bit more of an arch.
3. this is just what it looks like filled in, i think they look quite filled in here and you can stop here but i like to make them look a bit more natural, especially for school.
4.i then combed my eyebrows through again using the spooly end of my maybelline brow pencil. i think this helps them to look a little more natural.
5. then, to set my brows i use mua's clear mascara (which is embarrassingly grubby). this doesn't hold them in place as much as i wish it would. i think i may invest in the illamasqua brow gel as i have heard so many great things about it!
6. the finished eyebrow! 

So that is my finished eyebrow routine! i reviewed the mac eyebrow pencil in lingering if you want a more in depth review on it!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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changes to my blog!

Hello my lovelies!

If you're wondering who this is, it's olivia from okfashionbeauty, but if you follow me on twitter, you may know that the other day i tried to change my blog URL but something just wasn't right with bloglovin' etc, but today I had another go and managed to change it! So oliviaroses is my new blog url! I've changed my blog banner and button to match my url and they are all the changes really! hopefully you will all like my new url, i like it much more than my old one!

thanks for reading!


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OOTD: blue jeans, white shirt

hey guys!

today's post is going to be a quick outfit of the day! i tweeted, and i think i may have mentioned it in a blog post too, that i have swapped rooms with my sister, her room is a lot bigger than mine so now i will be able to do more outfit posts! I still have a lot of her stuff in my room but it's all going to be moved when her new furniture arrived! now, i'm incredibly sorry about the quality of these photos, i promise they will get better haha.

shirt - newlook (not available online)
jeans - primark
shoes (not shown) - barratts*

as you probably guessed by the title (also a lana del rey song.. *bursts out singing BLUE JEANS, WHITE SHIRT WALKED INTO THE ROOM YOU KNOW YOU MADE MY EYES BURN*) i'm wearing a white chiffon-y type shirt from newlook and some blue jeans from primark. these aren't my favourite jeans as they don't fit my legs well and tend to go baggy round my knees.. and also give you a bit of a camel toe so it's best to wear long-ish tops with them ha. the shirt is quite sheer so i popped a white vest under so it wasn't so revealing and also because of the terrible weather we're having at the moment. my make up and hair is pretty simple, i've just bunged my hair up in a bobble and then just some very natural make up.

that's all from me, thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Olivia x

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skin saviour!

good evening everyone!

today's post is going to be about a rediscovery of mine! it's called rescue oil, and is pretty much an exact dupe for bio-oil in terms of looks and packaging.

I bought this a while back from the pound shop, for only (yep you guessed it) £1. I really wanted to try out bi-oil but i thought it was a bit pricey for what it was, so when i saw this i bought it right away. I don't own bio-oil so i can't really compare them on quality and the way they work but they are pretty similar in looks! I've been using this on any dry patches on my face, hands, body, wherever! i have even used this as a hair oil and a bath oil as it's pretty multifunctional! I especially like to use this on any eczema on my arms/legs and face! i find this doesn't break me out at all, but when my skin is really a bit congested and i'm a bit spotty, i tend to just massage this into my face when i am in the bath/shower and then rinse it off and it leaves my skin feeling really smooth! i don't really use this in the morning before i put on make up unless my skin is really dry, as i feel it will just make me look really shiny/oil!

just like bio-oil, this can be used to prevent ageing skin, sun burn, scarring, stretch marks etc! (basically the works) although i'm only 15 so i don't really have ageing skin (well i hope not anyway) and i am lucky enough to not have any stretch marks, so i can't comment on how good it is for that! but again, it's amazing for dry skin!

I haven't been into the pound shop recently, so i'm not too sure if they still stock it! but if you want this and maybe don't have a pound shop or your local one doesn't stock it, you can buy it on amazon here!

Thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed this post!


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spring favourites: lips

hello lovelies!

this post will be another one in my "spring favourites" series (nails post here), but today it will be about lips! I'm not really a lip gloss/stick/stain kinda gal but recently i have been wearing them a lot more often! these are the ones i have been loving recently in spring..

L-R: bourjois lipstick in rose requinique | avon lipstick in can't resist | maybelline colour sensational lipstain in shy red | natural collection lipstick in apple blossom | ELF moisturising lip tint in pink |

bourjois lipstick in rose requinique
unfortunately i can't find this on the boots/superdrug website, they may have discontinued it but you may still be able to buy it in store, but i have found it on ebay for a bargain price of just £1.80 (here)! I think this was around £5/6 from boots. it is such a gorgeous pale pink colour, bordering quite a nude shade, however it doesn't wash you out, even with my vampire-like pale skin.

avon lipstick in can't resist
if you have been following me for a while you may have already seen this lipstick in an avon collection post (here) but anyway it is a gorgeous corally-red shade. it looks quite scary and bright in the bullet, and can be if you want to build it up, but i prefer to sheer it out my dabbing it on the lips, which creates a soft corally-red colour which is gorgeous! avon products are really affordable but amazing quality, the only downside is that they aren't really too readily available, and have to be ordered either online or from your local representative.

maybelline colour sensational lipstain in shy red
this lipstain is a beautiful pinky-red shade, and unlike other lipstains i've tried, this doesn't dry you lips out at all! it's not exactly moisturising but it doesn't make your lips any drier, and i would advise putting a lip balm on and prepping your lips before wearing this! this lasts pretty much all day on the lips, and you barely ever need to touch up! this is available from boots for £5.99 (here)

natural collection lipstick in apple blossom
i bought this a while ago and didn't really like it so i just tossed it to the back of my make up drawer, but i rediscovered this a few weeks ago and i've really been enjoying it! i think the problem i had with this was that i was apply quite thickly straight from the bullet and it was washing me out and made me seem as if i'd put a load of concealer on my lips (not a good look!) but if you pat this on to your lips and then blend it in, it is the most gorgeous nude! it has a slight pinky colour to it in real life, than on the photo. this is an absolute steal at just £1.99 from boot!

ELF moisturising lip tint in pink
this is basically just a tinted balm, but the colour is so pretty, although the name is a bit misleading as i find it to be more peachy-brown than a pink, other than that it's lovely! i actually got this free with an order i made a while ago, and although this is a favourite of mine, once it runs out i don't think i would repurchase it in this particular colour, as they now have similar ones of these in boots, so no shipping/postage fees! nevertheless i will continue to use this through out the spring/summer months! this is available on the ELF website here and it only £3.50!

thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed! i'd love to know what lip products you're liking too!


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spring favourites: nails

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all well! today i thought i'd do something a bit new to me. I was going to do a march favourites, but i don't have many products that i had just been loving in march, i have been enjoying most of them for quite a while now. So instead i thought i'd do a series of posts of my favourite products for spring, starting with todays post: nails!

L-R: barry m gelly hi shine nail paint in prickly pear | models own nail polish in buff pink | 17 lasting fix nail polish in sherbet lemon | rimmel lasting finish nail polish in sweet as sugar | claires nail polish |

As you can see, all of these polishes are pastel colours, i love pastels for spring and then often opt for brights when the weather gets a bit warmer! I know bourjois have just brought out an amazing line of pastel nail polishes that i just need to get my hands on it!

I love the barry m gelly hi shine nail paint in prickly pear because it is such a gorgeous lilac colour and looks really nice on the nails. I would say this one is the easiest to apply out of all of the ones i have chosen because it's quite thick and opaque and doesn't go streaky, i have a more detailed review/notd here! Models Own's buff pink is a gorgeous milky pink and looks gorgeous on the nails! it isn't too bright and is almost like a pinky-nude shade! Last summer, i was looking for a yellow nail polish that wasn't too garish and bright, but i couldn't find one, so when i saw 17's lasting fix nail polish in sherbet lemon immediately! Although it goes on quite sheer and can go streaky but is opaque after around 2-3 coats. I also have a blog post here on my next favourite nail polish for spring, rimmel's lasting finish nail polish in sweet as sugar, a gorgeous pale blue which i'm currently sporting on my nails now! It applies really smoothly and lasts well without chipping for a good few days! The final spring nail polish favourite is this lovely pail green from claires. I bought this a few years ago so i'm not sure if it's still available but i think there are a few similar to this in boots/superdrug. It's a really nice colour and applies pretty opaque!

barry m gelly hi shine nail paint prickly pear - boots 3.99
models own nail polish pink buff - boots 5
17 lasting fix nail polish sherbet lemon - boots 2.99
rimmel lasting finish nail polsih sweet as sugar - boots 2.99
claire's nail polish - not online sorry!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post!


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Product Of The Week

Hey guys!

Hope you all had a great easter! I did, but may have indulged a bit too much.. haha. As you all know, the UK have been having a bit of a wintery spring with blizzards one minute then sun the next! The weather's been looking up during the past few days in Manchester with gorgeous blue skies, a sight we don't get to see often! To go with this gorgeous spring weather, i have been loving peachy coloured blushes! My favourite being the rimmel lasting finish mono blush in pink rose. Which looks like this..

This is my product of the week because..
As you can see, this blush is a gorgeous peach with some golden shimmer running through it! this retails at £3.99 which is an absolute bargain as it is so pigmented and translates beautifully to the skin, leaving you with a fresh and healthy glow. It lasts really well on my skin, however i find that if i try and blend it too much it can go a bit patchy. And although you only get 4 grams of product it lasts really well as a little product goes a long way! It is really small, which means it's great for traveling or chucking in your handbag.. although i have lost mine a couple of times it's that small!

Overall, this is a gorgeous colour, the quality is amazing and i shall definitely be repurchasing.

What has been your go to product this week?

Thank you for reading, see you in my next post!


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