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A recent addition to my ever growing stash of lashes are the Red Cherry #415 Lashes. Dramatic, long and sorta wispy - what more could you want in a pair of lashes? Not to mention, they are so easy to apply. I've had trouble with application of lashes in the past with various brands such as Eldora, Kiss and Eyelure so as this is my first dip into the Red Cherry pond, I am pleasantly surprised with how flexible the lash band is. They are also 100% human hair so they don't look shiny/plastic like some lashes do. I'm not entirely sure where their source of human hair is from, which does worry me a bit as wearing someone's actual hair on my eyes is pretty odd. 

I do have to trim the lashes down a little as my eyes are pretty small (they have a lready been cut to size in the photo). I feel like these lashes could look a little but OTT on me without eyeshadow but that is just person preference, I guess. 

At a mere £2.99 from they are an absolute bargain! 

Olivia x


The weather has been pretty good recently with the sun shining almost everyday, although there have been a few sporadic bouts of rain here and there  (as to be expected in Manchester). To give a little nod of appreciation to the sun for making an appearance this summer I thought I'd put together a post gathering a few of my summer essentials.

Obvs. Shorts are a necessity in summer for almost everyone and I've been particularly liking my Levi's this year. I purchased them on a whim from eBay and they were far too big for me last year but I think I've grown into them (which is good and bad depending on how you look at it) but I do still have to wear a belt and they really don't make my bum look great. The thing I do love about these shorts are the relaxed fit as they are so comfy to wear; plus they are quite short but they still cover your bum cheeks! Overall, they're amazing. 

Again, another necessity for summer. I really wanted some flatform type sandals this year but none have really stood out to me so I've settled for these Aztec style sandals from Primark. I do a hell of a lot of walking as I really dislike buses so I did get some pretty mean blisters from these sandals.

I purchased these sunglasses last year and I have been on the hunt for some cat eye style ones that aren't so big that they swallow my face up! These sunglasses are pretty though and they do the job very well.

I feel like I am constantly harping on about the Clinique Chubby Sticks but they are just so perfect for summer. Sheer, moisturising and handbag friendly. What more could you want?

What are your must have products for summer? 



Can you believe we are in August already? This can only mean that I go on holiday in less than two weeks, or that results day is in just under three weeks.. Either way July has been a month of a mini spending ban and blog post planning as well as a few beauty faves..

I received this little notebook last September and it's come in handy here and there since then but recently I've been using it to generate ideas, manage and plan my blogposts. I feel very Anna (from VDM) and Lily (from Lily Pebbles) when using this, ha.

I've had this for months now, I believe I bought it from the seller 'sinedy' who sells a bunch of different brushes (and everything else you could ever think of). I've been using this not only for eyeshadow, but also for contouring. This brush blends the colour out really nicely, whilst keeping it precise.

This stuff is amazing. Seriously. I slather this onto my hair before blow drying and afterwards my hair feels so much smoother and soft! Considering my hair is knackered (split ends, heat damage - don't worry I'm getting a hell of a lot cut off it soon) it works wonders keeping frizz  at bay, whilst maintaining non greasy. I've tried the shampoo and conditioner in the same range, but I can't say they made a huge difference to my hair. 

I picked up this little quad from Tesco, for a mere 99p in the Clearance section. I'm not sure why it was there as there seems to be no damage to the packaging, nor to the actual product. I've really been liking the green and coppery shade. The only downside to this quad is the lack of matte shades- all shimmer on the eye is a bit of a no-go for me! I'm planning a full review post (complete with swatches) on this little baby. My mum bought this for me in our weekly shop so don't worry, I didn't break the spending ban.

Everyone loves a good freebie right? My sister picked me up the Glamour magazine with this Chubby Stick in and I can't thank her enough! This has been constantly in my handbag ready to be whipped on any moment. Although I do really like the whole concept of these Chubby Sticks, I don't think I'll be dishing out £18 for a full sized one. Ill probably hit the Revlon counter instead for some of their balm stain majigs.

So, that's a wrap. What products have you been loving this month?