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january empties

hey guys!
so, today i thought i'd do an empties post seeing as i have accumulated quite a few products. Admittedly, i haven't only just finished these in the month of january, many i finished back in november, but i've been saving them up in a little bag just for this post!

aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor and luscious long deep conditioner
I love these 2 conditioners! I usually use them about once a week, and generally leave it on for 5-10 mins for extra moisture! I definitely saw a difference in how smooth and not as damaged by hair was when using this! I got it on offer for 3 for 10 on aussie products in boots, and seeing as they are around 4.99 each anyway, i was basically getting one free!
would i repurchase?
impulse body spray
I usually use this after sport in school to freshen up, this isn't really my favourite scent, but it's nice to spritz on after pe!
would i repurchase?
probably not, i have quite a few body sprays i need to use up!
soap and glory clean on me shower gel
this is so nice. the smell is gorgeous, and lasts well on the skin! it lathers up nicely and makes your skin feel so smooth! i got this as a minutare in a gift set and actually lasts quite well considering the amount that is in there!
would i repurchase?
garnier essentials moisturiser
this is a really nice, basic moisturiser, it didn't really have a scent, which is nice and gave my skin the moisture it need to and didn't break me out!
would i repurchase?
No, i have quite a few moisturisers i need to get through.
coco chanel perfume
my mum gave me this perfume quite a while ago, and i have only just almost finished it! it lasts for ages! this is such a gorgeous smelling perfume, as are all chanel perfumes. as you may be able to see, it isn't completely empty, but i really don't want to finish this bottle!
would i repurchase?
definitely, although it is on the pricey side.
rimmel stay matte powder
this powder is very popular among bloggers and i can see why! It doesn't look cakey or stick to dry patches! It just mattifies you skin! amazing!
would i repurchase?
collection pressed powder this can make me look a tad washed out and really pale! compared to rimmel stay matte it is close in quality, but i prefer the rimmel one!
would i repurchase>
not when i have my trusty rimmel stay matte by my side!
maybelline dream matte mousse
this is a favourite of many people, and it used to be mine a long time ago! before i discovered liquid foundation and how to apply it properly.
would i repurchase this?
not really!
revlon photoready foundation
when i first bought this i really didn't like it, but i revisited it quite recently and fell in love with it! it had a gorgeous dewy finish without making you appear cakey!
would i repurchase it?
gosh eyebrow pen
this eyebrow pen is a bit of an iffy product with me. when you first put it on it looks really nice on your eyebrows, but within a few hours it begins to go green! yes, GREEN! it isn't a good look, believe me.
would i repurchase this?
So, they are my january empties for you all!
hope you're all well!
Olivia x
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hello everyone!

dress - riverisland £25
I absolutely adore this dress, it is so classic and would look so nice for any occasion! It isn't that expensive, and is definitely one of the most timeless pieces out there!
dior nude bronzer - selfridges £34 This bronzer is just gorgeous! I really want to try some more high-end products, because i don't have many! So hopefully i shall be getting my mitts on this soon!
hype beanie - hype clothing £9.99
This beanie is so cute, and i love the colour! Hype clothing is an online store/bigcartel thingy! Love!
leather belt - h&m £7.99
A black leather belt is just an essential, and seeing as i don't have any, i really should get this soon!
la roche posay effaclar duo - boots £13
I am probably the only beauty blogger than doesn't own this! I have wanted it for so long, but can never catch it when it is in stock! The lady at my local boots said it was going to be on offer soon too, so i will hopefully get it when i next pop into boots! yay!
black joni super highwaisted jeans - topshop £36
My friend has these jeans in the light denim and they look sooo gorgeous! I'm not sure i really suit light denim, so i thought i'd stick with the classic black!
So, that is all from me today! Hope you're all well and having a good weekend!
Olivia X 
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mini review: avon collection

Hey guys, hope you're all well!
Today, as you may have guessed, I have my avon collection for you! These are things i have accumulated over the past few months and i realised i had quite a bit so i thought i'd share it with you, and do a sort of mini review on each product!
Sorry if this post is a bit picture heavy!

super extend mascara
eyeshadow in chesnut
colour trend eyeliner in purple
colour trend eyeliner in silver
glimmerstick eyeline in black ice
(i forgot to put the lipsticks in this picture!)

super extend mascara
glimmerstick eyeliner in black ice
this mascara is really nice but the formula is a bit too wet for me, i prefer a mascara that is a bit drier, but it is still really nice and certainly lives up to his name and makes my eyelashes look really long.
the eyeliner is also really nice and lasts such a long time, even on my oily eyelids! And for a liner that lasts so well it isn't drying and doesn't crease and doesn't tug or pull when applying!

this eyeshadow is quite a warm brown and comes with a little sponge applicator thingy! It blends really nicely and doesn't crease at all! It is a really nice texture, and for what i can remember, it wasn't too expensive either!

I am extremely sorry for the state of the purple pencil, i can never, ever find a sharpener and i've used this quite a lot since i bought it! These eyeliners are really silky and the silver/purple are really pigmented and so it the black, but i often find it hard to get a good coloured, pigmented eyeliner!

here are the swatches!
this lipstick is so pretty, it is a gorgeous coral which looks really nice either patted on to create a sheer wash of colour or put on with a brush to make a really bold lip! It glides on so smoothly and lasts a good while and doesn't dry your lips out!
This lipstick is also really nice and the glitter really comes out onto your lips which looks really pretty but also makes it not as smooth to apply which is the only downside to this lipstick, apart from that i love it!
So that is my avon collection! Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed! I hope you all have a great night and i'll speak to you all soon!
Olivia x 
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what's in my make-up bag?

Hey guys!
Hope you're all having a good start to the week! Today, I thought i'd give you a little sneak peak into my make-up bag because i love reading them, and being a bit nosy!

1. revlon colour stay foundation
2. maybelline mastershape eyebrow pencil in blonde
3. maybelline cream blush
4. rimmel eyeshadow quad
5. avon eyeshadow in chestnut
6. elf gel eyeliner in black
7. benefit bad gal mascara
8. rimmel wake me up shimmer touch in 002
9. soap&glory bright here bright now energy balm
10. collection lasting perfection concealer
11. soap&glory solar powder bronzer
12. No.7 lip gloss
13. bourjois lipstick
14. sleek contour kit
15. mac eyebrow pencil in lingering
16. loreal telescopic mascara

So that is all of the make up in my make up bag! I usually switch it up a bit, and i don't use all of the make up at one time!

Hope you're all well and thank you for reading! Please comment down below if you have done a blog post like this as i love reading them!

Olivia x

my favourite perfumes!

Hey guys!
i hope you're all having a good day! Today I thought i'd share with you my current favourite perfumes that i've found myself reaching for the most!

right: beyonce pulse perfume
left: ralph lauren the big pony collection 2

These perfumes are very different, the beyonce one is more light and sweet, whereas the ralph lauren one is quite fruity and citrus-y! They are really nice for just everyday wear! I think the beyonce one is around £25 and the ralph lauren one is around £40, quite a big price different and i would say my fave is the beyonce one!
I love both though!
What are your favourite perfumes for spring?

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!
Olivia x

sleek face contour kit rave/review

Hello guys!

So I've had this product a while and I really like it, so I thought I'd share it with you! It retails for around £6.49 and is available online from the sleek website and in store in superdrug!
Many people have heard of the Sleek contour kit, but if you didn't it consists of a matte brown and a shimmery highlight.

first of all, the package is so compact and sleek!

here is a swatch of the contour and highlight colour. It is really pigmented and it blends really well, giving a really nice and contoured face! It also doesn't look orangey at all which is a bonus!
I use the darker colour under my cheekbones to give them some definition, and the the highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose!

So, overall i think this is a really good product, especially for the price!

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! Hope you're having a wonderful evening!
Olivia x

20 questions beauty tag

Hey guys!

Today I thought I'd do a beauty tag as I haven't done one in a while and I think you get to know more about the reader.

I saw this tag on Georgia's (Sweet Little Things) blog and thought i would do it too.. here goes!

001. Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge or your fingers?
I use a brush, normally either the real techniques buffing brush or the foundation brush that comes in the core collection!

002. Do you apply your eyeshadow from light to dark, or dark to light?
I don't really wear much eyeshadow but if i do it would be from light to dark!

003. Do you prime your eyes?
Again, I don't wear eyeshadow a lot so i've never really invested in a eye primer but it could be a thing i look in to. I find the longevity of eyeshadows depends on what eyeshadows i am using.

004. Do you conceal first or after your foundation?
Normally after so I can see what blemishes/discolouration hasn't been covered by my foundation.

005. Do you go to the salon for manicures or manicure yourself?
I've never had a manicure! Ha ha! Unless those home kits count?

006. Do you exfoliate your lips, face or both?
I am currently searching for a gentle face exfoliator, so if you have any recommendations please let me know! And I often exfoliate my lips with sugar and honey! Although, the lush lip exfoliators seem really useful too!

007. On average, how long does it take you to do your make-up?
On a weekday when i'm going to school, i wear minimal make up so around 10-15 minutes. If i want to wear a bit more, then maybe 20-30 minutes! :)

008. Do you wear make-up everyday and everywhere?
It sounds ridiculous.. but yes! Most places! Sometimes I don't for school if my skin is looking ok (which it rarely ever does) but otherwise i have to at least put a bit of concealer on a little bit of mascara.

009. What's your weakness: shoes, bags, clothes, jewellery or make-up?
Definitely clothes and make up! I cannot go into boots/superdrug with out buying anything!

010. Do you whiten your teeth?
Nope, but i do use a whitening tooth paste! and i really want to get white teeth before i get my braces!

11. Do you wax your eyebrows or pluck them?
I've never had them waxed, but if i have plucked them (a bit too much if i'm honest)

12. What do you use to contour?
I either use the bourjois bronzing powder or the sleek contour kit! I prefer the sleek contour kit as it is matte and comes with a highlighter!

13. False lashes or natural?
I've never worn false lashes, as i am quite lucky to not have really short lashes!

14. Favourite make-up brand(s)?
I don't think I could choose! Although i don't own many mac products, they are the ones that I want to get more of!

15. Liquid, gel, or pencil eyeliner?
Gel! I find it's the easiest to apply and the most long lasting :)

16. Lipstick, Lip gloss, or chapstick?
Between lipstick and chapstick! I don't really like the feel of having sticky lip gloss on my lips!

17. Pigments, cream or pressed eyeshadows?
i like cream shadows because i like how they can sometimes look 'glossy' on the eye lids!

18. Neutral or dramatic eyeshadow?
For me, neutral!I am quite young so i don't like to wear a lot of dark colours! :)

19. Do you care more for quality or name brand?
Quality, if something is cheap but really good quality then i will buy it and rave about it, but say if something was a really good brand yet awful quality i wouldn't by it and rave about it just because it is a certain brand!

20. What's your current obsession?
Non make-up wise: LANA DEL REY! i love her so much! And i'm going to see her in may! Ahhh!
Make up wise: Skincare! I am currently on the hunt for new skincare products because i really want to make the most out of my skin!

That's my 20 questions beauty tag.. Hope you enjoyed reading!
I tag all of you!

Olivia x

fake tanning essentials

Hello everyone!

Seeing as it is getting closer to Spring/Summer (yeah, i know saying it's near summer is a bit ambitious and that January is nowhere near summer but i am sick of all the rain and just want it to be summer!) I thought i'd do my personal fake tan essentials!

St Moriz Tanning Lotion
Dirty Works Body Scrub
Garnier Summer Body
Piz Buin Summer Sensation
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
Soap & Glory Flake Away

These are what i'd use for pre/post tanning. The Dirty Works Body Scrub is a not a harsh body scrub as the Soap & Glory one, so if I want exfoliate more often i would use this one instead of the Soap & Glory one, which is really good but can be a bit too harsh if used too often.

The Soap & Glory Righteous Butter is a really moisturising butter which sinks in quite quickly and smells delicious! I would use this the night before tanning, as it could be quite oily if you used it just before.

I like to use instant fake tans like the St Moriz (which retails for around £2.99) mousse or lotion on my body, and gradual tan like Garnier Summer body (around £5) and Piz Buin (£2.99) on my face, as i think it isn't as drying and looks more natural!

So I know it's a bit early to start talking about fake tanning regimes and essentials etc. but i thought i'd do it a bit early! ha ha!

Hope you enjoyed reading - comment your fave fake tan products down below!

Olivia x

kate moss lasting finish lipstick review

Hello guys!
As you may remember, in my last blog post the Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 01 was mentioned, so I thought I'd do a whole blog post on it because I love it that much!!

I love this lipstick.
it glides on smoothly, but i have to use a brush with this other wise i look like a clown, and that is not the look i'm going for. It lasts a long time but it's still moisturising and doesn't dry your lips out.
You can even pat it on for a more natural look.
Overall I think this lipstick is amazing, especially for the low price tag (£5.49)and i think i shall be buying more of them.
I hope this has been helpful, don't forget to comment below if you have tried any more, or recommend different shades, or similar ones?
Thank you for reading!
Olivia x

haul: boots, topshop, waterstones

Hello my lovelies!
I present you with a HAUL! And quite a big one too! I've bought these things over that past couple of days and i thought i'd share with you what i've bought.

Miranda Hart: Is It Just Me? £10.00 - Waterstones
Chloe Sims: The Only Way Is Up £7.50 - Waterstones
Soap & Glory Bright Here, Bright Now £7.50 - boots
Bourjois Bronzing Powder £4.99 - boots
Angelica Nail Polish £2.50 (doesn't have a colour) - Primark
Kate Moss Lipstick 01 £5.49- boots
Wedges £14.00- newlook, not online though
Green 7/8th Jeans £15.00 - topshop, not online though
Crop Top £7.99 - new look

I bought these two books when i was just wondering round my local shopping center! They were both half price so "Miranda Hart: Is it just me?" was £10.00 and "Chloe Sims: The Only Way Is Up" was only £7.50 (BARGAIN!)

I have started reading Miranda Harts' book first, and it so hilarious! Oh my gosh! I actually cannot put it down!

I haven't yet started Chloe Sims' but i intend to when i finish Miranda Harts'.

This brightening moisturiser from Soap & Glory was on offer in boots for only £7.50 (Another bargain!) So i decided to get it! So far, it has served it's purpose well, i either use it under my foundation to brighten and moisturise my skin. But if i don't want to wear anything on my skin, it's a good thing to have to brighten it up a bit! It will be perfect for when i go back to school soon. (cry)

I snapped up this bronzer for a cheeky £4.99 (yet another bargain.. i'm beginning to see a pattern.)

It smells delicious but the scent is not too heavy which is good. The downside to this bronzer, i find, is that i have to almost 'scrub' my brush in it to try and pick up any product, and when i do, it doesn't transfer well onto my skin. However when i finally build up the colour it gives a really nice, natural glow.

I bought this nail polish just before Christmas and ive been wearing it pretty much ever since! It's really pretty over black or nude nail polish. I think it was around £2.50 from Primark.

I'm not really a lipstick girl, but when i saw these lipsticks by kate moss in boots, i just had to have one. I picked up the colour 01, which is a dark red and is so nice, especially for the price of £5.49.

I won't say too much as there shall be a blog post coming soon.

I am incredibly sorry for how dirty these shoes are, i wore them to a NYE party and we went out side for the countdown, and with thanks to a bit of alcohol and bumpy ground they got a tad muddy.
I got these from Newlook for £14, reduced from £25 (another bargain.. i don't know about you, but i am not complaining!)

I LOVE these jeans! They are 7/8ths, but because of my incredibly short and stumpy legs, they are about normal size. I got these in the topshop sale for only £15, when they were meant to be £30 (you can never have too many bargains!)

This textured crop top was only £7.99 from Newlook, and it is really nice. It's not really cropped so you can only wear it with highwaisted things, it is just a bit longer than that, which is the length i prefer!

Thank you so much for reading! Don't forget to comment down below if you have snapped up any bargains! Or if you have bought anything nice!

Olivia x

new year resolutions

Hello my lovelies!
Seeing as it's the new year, i thought i'd do my first post of the new year on my New Year Resolutions, beauty/fashion related and non-beauty related.

Beauty Resolutions

001) Take make up off everynight, even if really tired.
002) Create a new and improved skincare routine and stick to it.
003) Wash make up brushes regularly.
004) Discard of old make up (especially mascaras, i just hoard them all in my make up draw and never use them).
005) Try out different make up looks and blog more:)

Non-beauty Resolutions

001) Eat healthier and do more exercise.
002) Pay more attention at school.
003) Start to write a diary and write in it everyday.
004) Meet lana del rey when i see her in concert (i know it's more of an aim, than a resolution but shh).
005) Try to make a really good skirt in textiles at school, despite the fact i am awful at sewing and i knew i should have chosen food tech instead.

So guys, they are my New Year Resolutions for 2013 (2013 GUYS! OH MY, i feel like i am still living in 2010! Where does the time go, ey?)
hope you enjoyed, don't forget to comment with your new year resolutions!

Olivia x