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Week in instagram #1

Hi guys! 

Today I thought I'd do an instagram post as I've been a little busy lately and I haven't had time to plan any blog posts (although I've got some good ones coming!) I say I've been busy but my insta doesn't even show that - just selfies haha. School is boring at the moment and we're just getting loads of homework. I've got my English presentation tomorrow which is going to be poo as I'm the least confident person ever. In other news, I went to go and see Devils Due the other day at the cinema and that can only mean one thing .. tango ice blasts!!! Yes they are the best thing about the cinema. I've also been enjoying lots of sweets and lots of Lana. I'm longing to be back at her concert and can't wait for her to be back on tour, I'm definitely going to see her! Cups of tea and Chelsea boots sum up this week (and winter) perfectly I think.

Sorry if this post is a little dodgy, I'm writing it on the blogger app which we all know is bloody awful!

My instagram is @livroses_ and I'd love it if you could give it a follow! Leave your usernames down below and ill be sure to check them out!

Thanks for reading, I hope you all had a good weekend!

Olivia 💃💃💃 (fave emoji of the week)

Face Of The Day #7

Hello everyone! I thought that this year I would do more FOTDs as I really enjoy reading other peoples and they aren't quite easy to do when you've got bloggers block! I wore this look to the cinema last night to see Devil's Due, where I may have screamed a little lot and spent half the time with my jacket over my face!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 1 Fair, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (not pictured as it is looking a bit worse for wear!), Max Factor Bronzer, MAC MSF in Lightscapade.

I wanted to go for quite a full coverage so I used Studio Fix which is running out and I desparatly need a new one but I can't justify spending another £20 for a foundation that I have such a love hate relationship with! The Lasting Perfection Concealer and Stay Matte Powder are products everyone raves about so I won't go into too much detail! My Mac Factor Bronzer has lasted me forever but I've just recently hit pan :( It is insanely pigmented though and I'm surprised I don't see more of it on the blogosphere. I have a full review of the MAC MSF in Lightscapade so I will link it here.

MAC Painterly Paint Pot, No7 Eyeshadow Duo, Sleek Au Naturel Palette, Me Now Brown Eye Pencil, Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil, No 7 Extreme Length Mascara

Firstly I primed my eyes using MACs Painterly Paint Pot (full review here) then, I used my most favourite eyeshadow ever from the No 7 Duo, the top shade. I really want to find a similar one as it such a nice colour! I then used the greeny-olivey shade from the Sleek palette called Moss (the second shade on the second row) in my outer corner and crease. With my Me Now brown eyeliner I lined my lashline, then I applied lashings of mascara! I filled in my brows using my new favourite brow pencil, Soap & Glory's Archery - it's amazing. Although the photo does not give it justice as that day was a bad eyebrow day.

So that is my first FOTD of 2014, I hope you liked it and if you'd like to see more posts like this let me know in the comments! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)



MAC Painterly Paint Pot Review

Today I thought I'd review MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly, a firm favourite of mine. I've had this a couple of months and whenever I'm going to be wearing eyeshadow I always use this as a base. I also use it on its own to cancel out any discolouration/redness as it's a nude, fleshtoned colour which is slightly pink toned but I find it matches my skin perfectly. I apply this with my finger to warm up the product so it doesn't tug on my eye, it applies smoothly and a little goes a long way (as you can see I've only made a tiny dent!), it applies almost tackily so the eyeshadow really sticks to it and does not budge all day - and I mean all day! I have combination skin, and I have quite oily lids so eyeshadows tend to fade and crease a little but I find this really helps them stick with no creasing in sight! I'd definitely recommend the MAC Paint Pots to anyone as they're really handy and have such a good formula, I only have this one but I'm interested in getting some different coloured ones - Constructivist I'm looking at you! I've never really been that interested in primers but if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them, but for now I shall continue using my trusty paint pot! PS don't forget to check out my instagram - @livroses_



Red Nails & Glitter Accent


I've been really getting into wearing nail polish recently and thought I'd share a new favourite combo of mine. I've never been a massive lover of red nails on my self but during the festive period I had seen many people rocking red nails so I thought I'd give it a go and this is what I came up with. I decided to use 17's Risky Red nail polish and Barry M's red glitter on my accent nail to give a little bit of sparkle. I adore how they look - but removing the glitter nail polish is so hard #firstworldprobs. 

I've just finished my gcse mocks and I think they went okay, but that's why I haven't been posting as often as usual, but I'll be back to my usual schedule now I think. 

Hope you're all having a good Monday!



Topshop Month Chelsea Boots

I have been meaning to write this post for ages now but just haven't got round to it until now! I thought I'd share the winter boots that I've been wearing for a good few months and think I shall be until well into summer!

I had been on the hunt for the perfect pair of winter boots for ages. You may remember my Battle of the Cut Out Boots post that I posted a while ago of some of my favourite boots, I didn't get any in the end but I did get these gorgeous Chelsea boots from Topshop.

The Topshop Month Chelsea Boots are 100% leather and come in at a mere £45 which to me is definitely a bargain. They are super sturdy and have a slight heel on them, which doesn't add much height but I find is more flattering than a completely flat boot. They are extremely comfy due to the soft leather, I don't really think these need wearing in, but with mine if I've done a lot of walking the begin to rub a tiny bit on my big and little toe, nothing too extreme though! Size wise, (I'm a size 4 for reference) they are a little roomy in the actual foot part but where the ankle is they fit perfectly! I'd recommend trying them on if you're unsure if they're going to fit!

The only other thing I'm not too fond of is the 'clip clop clip clop' noise of them. I think this is more of a personal thing, I'm not one to draw attention to myself but these do when walking on a pretty quite road or walking down the bus haha! It isn't as loud as some other shoes and I tend to drown out the noise by turning up the music trough my headphones ha!

Anyway, I'd definitely recommend these boots as they are perfect for the cold weather we're having and they look so classic!