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five product face!

Hey guys!

Hope you're all having a great start to the 4 day weekend (woo hoo!) First of all, I am so sorry for not blogging as much as I normally do. I have been so busy preparing for my spanish oral, which i have in a couple of weeks, but now i am on half term so i shall be able to post more frequently! I've been seeing these types of posts a lot recently, so i thought i'd show you my version of it!

The make up


Products used 

revlon photoready foundation
soap and glory solar powder bronzer
bourjois ultra curl mascara
mac eyebrow pencil in lingering
mua eyeshadow palette in undressed

I used revlon's photoready foundation because it gives quite good coverage but is also really glowy. I then used mac's eyebrow pencil in lingering because i hate not filling in my brows, so this was a must! and pencils also save faffing around with a brush! I then used the bourjois ultra curl mascara as it curls and lengthens my lashes in an instant. Then I used MUA's eyeshadow palette in undressed. I suppose this is kind of cheating using a palette but i did only use the highlight shade on my inner corner, cheek bones, brow bone and down my nose, and then the glittery black to line my top lash line! To add a bit more colour to my skin i dusted soap and glory's bronzer on the high points of my face!

If you've done a post like this i'd love to see it, so please comment with it down below! Also, if you'd like to see any particular posts please tell me! 

Thanks for reading, see you in my next post!


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Passion for Fashion Money Supermarket Blogger Competition

hey guys!

hope everyone is having a lovely beginning to the week so far, this is my last week of school before the easter holidays and it is seriously dragging! today i thought i'd do my entry for the Passion for Fashion Money Supermarket Blogger Competition! They lovely tasha from girlinthelens notified me about this and i quickly got onto getting together  my 3 outfits! if you haven't heard about this competition, you basically have to design 3 outfits for beach/holiday, casual and party and each one has to be less that 200! if you want to know more you can check out tasha's post here where there is more info on how to enter etc!

So let's get onto the outfits..

grand total: £150.98

I've chosen this really cute 2 piece bikini from topshop because it's so cute and would look great just under these topshop shorts along with this topshop top (wow, that is a lot of topshop ha). as it as a beach/holiday look, hopefully there would be a bit of sun, so these sunnies from asos are a MUST and add a really cute vintagey kind of vibe to the outfit! Then some nike blazers as just a nice fashionable trainer to wear on holiday! To finish off the look, I chose essie's bikini so teeny as it is a gorgeous blue colour, perfect for spring/summer.

 | bag £12.99 | sunglasses £10.00 | top £12.00 | jeans £38.00 | chelsea boots £40.00 | lipstick £8.00 | casio watch £35.00 |

grand total: £155.99

For the casual look, i have chosen some topshop leigh jeans with a really cute cat vest top, also from topshop. I love cats so i think i may have to buy this t-shirt myself. i then chose some asos chelsea boots which i love as they are just a classic. then topshop's lipstick in nevada as it is a really pretty nude. A casio watch for a bit o' bling. Another pair of asos sunnies, which again add a reto-y vibe to the look. finally, this really classic leather-look black bag from ebay!
| dress £18.00 | clutch bag £12.00 | lipstick £8.00 | eyelashes £4.45 | jigsaw earrings £29.00 | heels £32.00 |

grand total: £103.45  

For the party look i chose an LBD from riverisland with a cute lil clutch bad from asos, with these gorgeous suede look sandal heels from missguided. I thought i'd go for the classic red lip and lots of lashes! and also some gold studs from ted baker, to tie in with the gold detailing on the clutch!

So that is my entry for the Money Supermarket Competition! If you want to participate head over to tasha's blog to check out more information on how you can.

Thanks for reading, see you in my next post!


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favourite flats from barratts

hey guys!

hope you're all well and  having a fab weekend so far! today i thought i'd share a new favourite fashion piece with you all! now, i'm not sure if this is just me but i always think that winter means boots and cosy clothes, and spring and summer mean flats and cute sandals with shorts and dresses. not sure why haha. if you live in the UK, especially manchester, you will know it hasn't been the best spring we have ever seen - snow one day then sun the next (?!). but, i'm being prepared and i've already found the shoes i know i'm going to be wearing to death this spring summer!

if you can excuse my awful legs/feet and feast your eyes on these gorgeous brown leather-look flats are from barratts* and are so comfy! these are great for casual outfits, which is what i've been wearing them with (when we've had good weather). they can be worn with literally anything; from high waisted jeans to a summer dress! they are very minimalistic and i think i may have to get them in black as well, being such good quality and only 15 a pop from barratts (and i think they may be in the sale!) it's an absolute steal!

so that is the end of my little rave - be prepared to see these in a lot of outfit posts when the weather gets warmer!

thank you for reading, and i would love to know what your staple shoe is at the mo!


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fotd #4

hey guys

so today i thought i'd do a face of the day post because i haven't really done one in a while! now my make up is pretty much the same as my last fotd but with some different products that i've been loving recently!

revlon photoready foundation // rimmel mono blush in pink rose // collection lasting perfection concealer // max factor bronzer in golden // benefit high beam

mua undressed eyeshadow palette -  shade 1 in inner corner - shade 11 to line upper lashline // maybelline the falsies mascara // mac eyebrow pencil in fling // elf eyebrow kit in ash

burts bees lip balm

this is the make up that i have been wearing a lot recently, it's very natural and quite quick, which i like, and is especially good when i'm in a rush!

thank you for reading, and would love to know what make up products you have been using recently!

ps. as we all know, gfc is closing down so it would mean the world to me if you could follow me on bloglovin!

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life in photos

hey guys!

just going to do a quick post on my life recently, just to show what i've been up to! i don't do many of these posts but i like reading and seeing them so i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon!


| braceface | fry's turkish delight | lady marmalade - voulez vou coucher avec moi ce soir? | part-ay | cath kidston mug | trying out new hairstyles | playing with money | best friends | mother's day - i am the best daughter |

that is the end of today's post! do you like these posts? what have you been up to lately?

thank you for reading and i shall see you in my next post!


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rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner in nude

hey bloggers!

so today i have a little review for you! now most of you probably own or have at least heard of the rimmel scandal eyes eyeliners because they are amazing i own the black one too and i can honestly say it is my favourite pencil eyeliner i have ever used! anyway, this is the nude one and i haven't seen many highstreet brands come out with a nude eyeliner recently and never seem to really see any whenever i go into my local boots! there are some white ones floating around but i sometimes find them a bit too harsh for what i like to use nude liners for! so.. let's get on with the review (it may be a tad picture heavy)

this eyeliner retails at £3.99 from boots and is in the shade nude. it is really creamy and glides on sooo smoothly! i like to use this in my waterline to brighten up my eye and neutralise and redness, and it actually lasts really well on the waterline, unlike some eyeliners that slip off after about 2 minutes. i think this works better than a white eye pencil because white can look a little harsh and almost make the whites of your eyes look not as white as they should (if that made any sense). oooh another thing i like is that the pencil bit isn't wood it is like plastic or something (not too sure) so if you catch your eye with it, it doesn't scratch it or anything!

the thing i dislike about this product is that it is a bit too dark for my skin! i don't know if you can tell by the swatch, but it is a bit too orangey because i am so pale! and sometimes if i apply a bit too much and it kind of goes onto my skin in the inner corner it can look really weird and obvious! that is the only downside, and i'm sure if you have darker skin than me this would look great on you!

i shall definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out! and i am also looking into getting some more colours (i'm talking to you taupe!)

have you tried this liner? what are your thoughts?

thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


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the procrastinating beauty blogger tag

hello my lovelies!

this is another tag, i know i did one quite recently but i actually really enjoy doing them and reading them! i was tagged by the gorgeous lauren from thebeaubow, you can check out her post here and i recommend you checking out her blog.

1.Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?
cleansing. it is really bad because i actually do get breakouts and i should cleanse properly and get a proper skincare sorted out, but i get a prescribed spot treatment which can be a bit harsh and drying so i find it hard to find a good cleanser that doesn't make my skin any drier, and doesn't irritate it and break me out!

2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?
fairly regularly.. i should probably do it more than i do now but most of the time i forget and i hate waiting for them to dry!

3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
 a fair while, my nails have been chipped since yesterday and i haven't taken it off yet haha! but sometimes i find myself subconsciously picking it off when i get bored.

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it? (i.e purchasing a new topcoat, or a new foundation etc.)
 i have a few different make up products that i can use if i really need to so if i run out of something, like a mascara, and i have one that isn't my favourite i will still use it until i begin to get fed up of it!

5. What is your worst beauty habit? 
 i hate washing my hair so i always end up putting off washing my hair, it is just such a chore for me. if i didn't own dry shampoo i would literally die (ok, not literally). also, my nails are really bad and the nails aren't very strong and they aren't a great shape and they kind of peel at the top, ew haha.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
 homework for sure, and washing up haha. also tidying my room.

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?
 most of the time i leave enough time for me to go ready, but if my skin is playing up then i end up taking all my make up off and restarting which is annoying and most of the time results in me being quite late haha.

8. Can you commit to spending bans? 
maybe.. ive never tried. i think it would be good for me though ahah.

9. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collection?
 not very organised.. i have a drawer for my make up and when i'm in a rush i always have to root through it and mess it up! when it is tidy, i love it ahh.

10. What is the longest amount of time you have gone without writing a blog post?
i am fairly new to the blogging world, and when i first started i didn't do posts very often. i did them either once or twice a week, now i try to post once every 2 days if i have enough time!

So that is the end of this tag! i tag all of you and would love if you could do this!

Thanks for reading! See you in my next post.


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soap&glory mist you madly review

hey my lovelies!

hope you're all well and have had a jolly weekend! i have had so much school work to do, i have my spanish oral exam in april and i am so nervous! i'm having to do it a year early because i am 'gifted and talented' apparently. anyway, today i thought i'd do a review on soap & glory's mist you madly body spray which is available at boots for £3.50 for the travel size, which is the one that i got, or it is £6.50 for full size.

what do boots say?
"Soap & Glory Mist You Madly™ Body Spray 250ml is a flirty, floral, fragrant body spray featuring notes of bergamot and blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk.
i must say i'm not an expert on perfumes and i'm not entirely sure what 'bergamot' (according to google it is a citrus fruit the size of an orange) and i'm not the best at detecting the notes in fragrances either.. so fancy words aside, and to put it bluntly, it smells delicious. i want to spray it all over myself. i would happily bathe in this. i spray it everyday and is a lovely everyday scent. i find it great to use after doing sport at school when you just want to freshen up a bit! it's just a gorgeous scent! i got the travel size because i hadn't tried it before and didn't want to get the full size of something i wouldn't like.. but the size of this is just great for slinging in your handbag/schoolbag! This might just be me, but i think that this smells like it's fizzy, if that makes sense haha.. if anyone else has tried this and thinks the same then please tell me in the comments to reassure me that i'm not going mad! (even though i probably am!)

So, overall i love this body spray and shall definitely be repurchasing when it runs out!

Thank you for reading! Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?


Oohh.. PS i now have a blogger button, so if you'd like to swap just leave a comment down below or contact me some how!

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hey guys!

hope you're all well and have a good week! the weekend is finally here, it feels like the weeks just keep getting longer and longer! anyway, this is just going to be a quick post showing you my nails today!


you may recognise this nail polish from my february favourites! if not it is rimmel's lasting finish nail polish from boots for only £2.99. it's a gorgeous baby blue perfect for spring/summer! please ignore how badly my nails are painted, i am absolutely awful! also, please ignore the cuts on my hands haha! 

thank you for reading! hope you all have a good weekend! i would love to know what are you wearing on your nails today!


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(late) february favourites

Hey guys!

Sorry this post is a little late, i have just been a tad busy recently, and i've actually been having a social life.. haha. On friday i went to pizza express for my friend's birthday meal and then on saturday i went to her surprise birthday party, arranged by her boy friend (so cute!) and i had a great time.Anyway, on with the favourties..

beauty favourites

 rimmel lasting finish nail polish in sweet as sugar & barry m gelly nail paint in prickly pear
during the month of february i have been loving pastel coloured nails, especially these two. due to still being in high school (and my excessively strict form tutor who says 'let me see everyone's nails' religiously every morning - he even checks boys nails) i'm not allowed to wear nail polish during the week but as soon as i get home on school on fridays, the first thing i do is paint my nails. i have a more detailed post on the barry m gelly nail paint which you can see here but it is basically just a really gorgeous pale purple-y lilac colour perfect for spring/summer! the rimmel lasting finish nail polish in sweet as sugar is also a gorgeous pastel colour but a lovely baby blue colour, also perfect for spring/summer and it goes beautifully with the gorg weather we've been having in manchester, and all over the UK, lately.


real techniques contour brush & maybelline dream touch blush
as many other beauty bloggers, i adore the real techniques brushes (i've done a blog post on them if you want to check it out here) i have been especially loving this brush. it's amazing for contouring with cream/powder products! it's also really good for blending in concealer to large areas! i just love it. i also have been using it with cream blushes and my favourite cream blush in february was the maybelline dream touch blush in apricot! it's a lovely corally colour. i sometimes like to use it as a bit of a highlighter too. its a gorgeous consistency and goes on like a dream. for a cream blush, it actually lasts pretty well on my skin, however it summer i'm not sure if it will be as long lasting.. but for now its perfect.


mua undressed palette 
 i also have a more detailed post on this with swatches and all my views (check it out here) this was super cheap and such good value for money. it has been compared to the urban decay naked palette, which i don't have so i'm not able to compare. there are a couple of matte colours, but i think the shimmery ones are more pigmented and last better on my lids.


 GOSH make up primer
i've actually had this for quite a while (probably longer than i should) which explains the lack of the lid, as lids just tend to go missing in my make up bag. anyway, my skin hasn't been great and it's been a bit rough, but putting this on my skin before make up really helps to make my make up go on a lot smoother and maybe last a bit longer. if you'd like a more in detail post on this just comment below!

non beauty favourites

film and music

this is a bit of a 2-in-1, i have been loving the submarine soundtrack, which is actually only 5 songs but they are so amazing, and amazingly used. they are all sung and written by alex turner, who is the lead singer/guitarist for the arctic monkeys! and i have also been loving the film. it was on tv a while ago and i recorded it and it soon became my favourite film. it's so cute but so funny in a non funny way, but not taking the mick sort of way (that doesn't even make sense to me) i won't say anymore, just in case you haven't seen it.


home ware

i adore these cute cath kidston mugs from john lewis. they are so cute and i love the print on them. my favourite is the blue one. they just make me want to drink tea all day, which i really can't as i already drink too much! they also hold so much, im not sure of the exact capacity but it's so much more than normal, which is something i love! i also think tanya burr may have the blue one haha!

so, that is the end of my feb faves! thank you for reading, don't forget to comment me with your february favourites!


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tag: confessions of a blogger

hey guys!

hope you're all well, today i'm going to do a tag! I saw this tag on sammie's blog (lovefromsammie) and thought i'd have a little go at it. tags are my fave for getting to know someone a little bit more and have a little nosey into someone's life..

When did you start your blog? 
I started by blog back in October 2012. I first made my blog in August, but i never actually posted anything haha.

Had you had any past online presence before? (i.e. another blog/YouTube)
I had a tumblr before this but not beauty related.

Why did you start a blog?
I just love reading blogs and watching youtube videos on beauty and fashion. I contemplated between youtube-ing and blogging and decided on the latter mainly because i don't have any editing software and i'm not the best with technology etc!
When did you become serious about starting a blog?
I think I started to do my posts properly towards the end of 2012/start of 2013.

What was your first post?
"Disco Pants" haha.. i didn't even get them in the end.

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
Trying to take pictures in good light, as it gets dark quite early haha. Also if i have a busy week and weekend it is sometimes hard to do posts.
Where do you see your blog in one year?
 hmm.. i think it will be the same as it is now, honest reviews, casual chatty posts and just to make some new friends and chat to new people who are interested in the same things as me through blogging too!

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
 chatting to new people on comments on my posts, and also theirs!

What is the most discouraging thing about blogging?
probably the negative comments i sometimes see on other people's blog. in my opinion they are unnecessary and uncalled for.

Whats your lasting motivation/inspiration? 
making people smile.. not just in blogging but in everyday life too. if i know i can do something that will put a cheeky smile on someones face, i'll try my hardest to do it.

so that is all of the questions, i tag all of you, please comment if you do this tag or have already done it! thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Olivia x

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march wishlist

hello my lovelies!

so it's that time of the month again (no.. not that time) for my march wishlist! This wishlist is a tad optimistic as i doubt i will be able to afford all of this.. but a girl can dream!

essie nail polish in bikini so teeny - boots £7.99
aj morgan moonies round sunglasses - asos £15
illamasqua gleam in aurora - selfridges £18
lip stick in whimsical - topshop £8
structured tote bag - newlook £29.99
pumps - missguided £19.99

bikini so teeny is a nail polish i've wanted for a long time, it is a gorgeous pastel/pale baby blue and i think it will be perfect for spring and summer! the aj morgan moonies round sunglasses from asos is also a very summery item, and also very optimistic of me, because living in the UK (manchester especially) we don't see the sun much so I probably wouldn't get too much wear out of those! ahhhh, my favourite on this wishlist, illamasqua's gleam in aurora, i love highlighters, but currently only own powders and benefit's high beam and thought i'd check out some others! it was between this and mac's cream colour base in either luna/pearl.. after looking at reviews and prices etc i have come to the decision that i need want this one! Topshop's lipstick in whimsical is next on my list, i've never tried any topshop make up and i've heard so many good things about all of the products, i thought it was about time i tried some of them! i love big tote bags, and this one is gorgeous as an everyday bag! ooohh.. another favourite of mine, these pumps from missguided are so cute!!! i need them in my life!

thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! 

i would love to know what you have on your march wishlist.

Olivia x

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