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l'oreal lumi magique foundation

hey bloggers!

so if you've been into boots recently, you will know there is currently a 2 for £15 off on l'oreal products, which is actually a really good deal! I was in boots buying my sister a new foundation, she uses the l'oreal infallible foundation and when i saw the offer i just couldn't resist. it was a bit of an impulse buy but a while ago i had looked at reviews online and it was the kind of foundation i thought i'd like but never got round to buying it!

this foundations retails for £10.99 and is available from boots/superdrug. it claims to make you appear 'lit from within' which i'm not too sure about, but does give you a really nice glow! i got mine in the shade rose pearl because the way they had laid out the shades i thought that was the lightest one but i have just been on the boots website and i'm now kicking myself because the lightest shade is rose porcelain which looks a lot more like my colour, as this one is a tad too dark for my skin, so i will probably wear it when i've fake tanned/have a real tan (who am i kidding, i don't tan at all!) anyway, this lasts a good while on my skin and doesn't look patchy/cakey. I think this is a medium coverage foundation which is good for those, very rare in my case, good skin days!

i love the packaging of this product, the rose gold pump is gorgeous! i like glass bottles because i feel that they make it feel more expensive and that little bit nicer, however i know some people don't like them because theyre not good for traveling and break easily etc, but personally i'm not too bothered!

would i repurchase?
probably not when it is at full price, although i think if i got a lighter shade i would like it a lot more!

have you tried any products from the l'oreal lumi magique range?

thank you for reading and i shall see you in my next post!


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barry m gelly hi shine nail paint

hey guys!

i recently went into my local boots hoping to get model's own utopia nail polish after lily from llymlrs had raved about it on her blog/youtube, however with my local boots only being a tiny one, unfortunately they didn't have a model's own counter so i went to the barry m stall bit to look for the next nail polish on my list: barry m gelly hi shine nail paint in prickly pear (cor, that's a name and half isn't it?)

as you can see, prickly pear is a lovely lilac colour which has a lovely shine to it, even without a top coat. i love barry m polishes, and this is no exception. the only downside to this would be that the brush is a bit small, which doesn't help those whose forte is definitely not painting their nails (a.k.a me). negatives aside, i think this is a gorgeous colour especially for spring/summer!

i am not entirely sure about the 'gelly hi shine' range as i don't see a difference between it and the normal barry m nail polishes! nevertheless, i would definitely recommend and i'm hoping to get more from the range in the future!

have you tried any of the gelly hi shine nail paints from barry m?

thank you for reading and i shall see you in the next post!

Olivia x

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i won a giveaway!

hey everyone!

so a couple of weeks ago, i won a giveaway hosted by the lovely Daniela from ohellabella, which you should go and check out now! and she also runs has a fab jewelery store ohellabella which is definitely worth a little look at too! i was so excited when they arrived and can't that Daniela enough!  i won some absolutely gorgeous things and just thought i'd share them with you! sorry for the picture heavy post but they are so cute i just can't resist!

as you can see, these items are gorgeous and so different and quirky! i've already worn these with a couple of outfits so soon i will do a couple of OOTDs featuring them! my favourite item is the pink rose skull pair of earrings!

have you tried anything from ohellabella?


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ootn #1

hey guys, hope you're all well!

if you follow me on twitter you will know that on Saturday i went to my friend's sister's 18th birthday party! i had a great time, and just thought i'd show you what i was wearing! sorry about the picture quality, i didn't take my camera so it had to be taken on my blackberry!

top - my mums
skater skirt - primark 
belt - h&m
wedges - newlook

I know some of you may think its bad i'm wearing all black but i just can't help it haha! i have so many black clothes because they literally go with everything! i would say black is my favourite colour to wear! i also really like my hair in this picture (only because it looks long-ish ha ha!) but i will be getting it cut soon.. wah! anyway.. the belt im wearing was featured in my recent haul and my shoes were featured in a not-so-recent haul!

So that is all for outfit of the night, thank you for reading! 

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mua undressed eyeshadow palette

Hey guys!

So as you may have seen in my recent haul, i bought the mua eyeshadow palette in undressed and a couple of other nice things! so today, i thought i'd share my opinions on this little beauty!

after recommendations on twitter from georgia at xxxsweetlittlethingsxxx and ashleigh at beauty waterfall (i recommend you go check out their blogs!) i decided to finally go to my local superdrug and get this, as i have not really dabbled in the world of eyeshadow because i've always been a mascara-and-eyeliner-and-off-we-go girl, i thought why not buy this as a little taster! Whilst i was there i also looked for the mua eye brushes but couldn't find any *sob*

anyway, as you can see, it contains 12 eyeshadows and a double ended sponge applicator. The eyshadows are mainly shimmery but there are 2 matte colours, which aren't as pigmented as the other eyeshadows, but for 4 what do you expect? that also goes for the sponge applicator too! i was pleasantly surprised with how pigmented these shadows are! i find the darker colours have a better pay off that the lighter ones, as you will probably see in the swatches down below.

top row - without flash

top row - with flash

bottom row - without flash

bottom row - with flash

Sadly, these eyeshadows don't have names, but on the back of the palette they are numbered 1-12. If i had to choose a favourite it would be number 4 because it is so pretty and pink and shimmery!

The only bad thing i have to say about this product would be the packaging is a tad plasticy and feels like it could break at any moment.. but otherwise i love this and would love to buy more mua palettes ( heaven and earth - i've got my eye on you!!!)

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! have you tried any mua eyeshadow palettes?

Olivia x

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haul: boots, superdrug, topshop & h&m

hello my lovelies!

so today i thought id do a haul seeing as i have bought a few things recently and thought id show you!

topshop joni jeans £36- topshop
rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner £3.99 - boots
mua palette in undressed £4 - superdrug
leather belt £7.99 - h&m

if you follow me on twitter you will probably know that ive been wanting this for a while! A few people recommended this and even compared it to the naked palette by urban decay (which ive never tried, so wont be able to compare) but so far i am pleasantly surprised by how pigmented and non-chalky these shadows are! and for only £4 you can't go wrong! i won't say too much as there shall be a review coming soon!

the rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner in nude is something i picked up on a whim really, but so glad i did. recently, the eczema on my face has been playing up a bit and my eyes have been looking a bit red and tired (even my bus driver said i looked tired one day, thanks! he usually winks at me when i get on which is a tad weird but hey-ho!) anyway, i picked this up in hope that it would brighten my eyes up a bit - which is exactly what it does! love love love! may do more in detail review on this if you would like that? let me know in the comments!

this leather belt is something that was in my wishlist a few posts ago! i really like this belt - it is 100% leather, and it was only 7.99 - BARG! the only downside is that there aren't many holes so i will have to puncher them myself! but that isn't really a problem! I am really loving h&m at the mo and wish i'd picked up some more things! there was a gorgeous cropped mint green greyish jumper that i loved but i managed to restrain myself! i also saw some gorgeous velvet leggings! ahh! well done h&m!

Another thing that was on my wishlist was the topshop joni jeans which i have wanted for quite a while! i tried to take a picture of them laid out on my bed but my camera just wasn't giving them any justice! i got them in black, and they are such nice quality! ahh! i will have to do an outfit post so you get the full jist of them, but most people already know what they look like! they are similar to the American Apparel easy jeans but without the ever-so-hefty price tag! They fit so nicely and aren't baggy around the waist or knees which i often get with some other jeans! they are also so versatile and you can pretty much wear them with anything!

So, that is the end of my haul! hope you enjoyed reading and would love to hear about your recent purchases!


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25 facts about me

hello bloggers!

so, over the past couple of weeks i've been seeing a lot of '50 facts about me' and thought i'd jump on the bandwagon and do one myself, except i've opted for 25 facts about me, rather than 50 as i don't think i would even be able to think of 50 things about myself that could be of any interest to anyone - i think i will probably struggle with 25 too! So here we go..

  1. i recently got an A* on my GCSE english controlled assessment - wahoo!
  2. i have an unhealthy obsession with make up/fashion
  3. as much as i love wearing clothes, i am awful at making them - i am currently taking textiles for gcse, and i must admit, it's not going too well.
  4. i have a mole on my right foot and in primary school someone thought it was chocolate and tried to rub it off...haha
  5. i adore lana del rey and im going to see her in may eeek!
  6. i hate my nose and would do anything to change it
  7. i actually love writing and running my blog!
  8. i love the film Lolita, despite the odd and rather disturbing storyline, i think you can just really connect with the characters and you feel as if you know them
  9. i am actually so weird when with my friends!
  10. i am terrible at painting my nails
  11. i cannot walk in heels to save my life
  12. i love olives so much and once got a free one whilst at the german markets in my city center because i walked past and said my name was olivia and that i loved olives! haha!
  13. i am such a child (although im only 15 and that is considered to be a child) i love horrible histories haha!
  14. i love discovering new blogs!
  15. CHICKEN. love it.
  16. i hate gravy.
  17. i have a blackberry but would love an iPhone
  18. i got braces yesterday!
  19. i had to have 4 teeth out to get braces! (it wasn't fun)
  20. i only own one mac product!
  21. im hoping to buy more high end make up!
  22. i would love my job in the future to incorporate my love for beauty & fashion.
  23. i turn 16 in september, and really want to get myself a job!
  24. i love grease the musical and wish i had lived in the 1950s
  25. my boyfriend broke his collar bone playing rugby and now has to walk around wearing a sling, and can't put tshirts on properly.. slightly amusing.
So they are my facts! not very interesting but hope you enjoyed this little insight into my life!

thank you for reading and i'll see you in my next post!


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yay or nay: plum mascara

hello my lovelies!

i have been seeing more and more coloured mascaras on the high street recently and wanted to try some out! I bought the collection 2000 collagen curl mascara a while ago by accident because back then i thought all mascaras i picked up were going to be either brown or black.. obviously not ha ha! i was a bit miffed when i got home and realised id picked up a plum mascara instead of black, and never even tried it until i saw sam and nic from pixiwoo mention an aubergine coloured mascara and was intrigued by the whole idea of having different coloured lashes! So i revisited this product and thought i'd try it out again to see if i had changed my mind on the idea!

as you can see, on the wand it doesn't look too plummy, it just looks black, but swatched you can see the plummy-ness of it! I think this is a really nice colour to have as a mascara - its not too outrageous-y or bright, but not the normal black/brown.

So, what does it look like on?

on these pictures, it looks incredibly disappointing and just like normal mascara, which it does in real life too.. UNTIL you catch it in a different light and really get the warmth and deep plummy-ness of it! Ive had many compliments when wearing this, and paired with the right eyeliner/eyeshadow it can look so pretty! and im hoping to try more different coloured mascaras!

so that is my verdict on plum mascaras, what's yours?

thank you for reading,


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rimmel glam eyes liquid eye liner

hey guys!

So today i shall be partly reviewing, partly raving about the rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner available at boots for the price of £5.29. I usually use my ELF gel eyeliner, but its beginning to run out and im trying to save my money (not going great at the moment) so i searched my make up draw to find this little beauty.

Boots says:
"Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Eye Liner is the ultra precision liquid eye liner, its professional brush delivers the finest line to give you exceptional results."
 and i could not agree more! the reason i stuck to gel eyeliner for the past year or so is because it's much easier and precise to apply than the other liquid eyeliners ive tried, but i would say that this liquid eyeliner is just as or even easier to apply. It goes on extremely opaque and the brush handle is long enough for you to have control over where you are placing the eyeliner but is also short enough so that it doesn't get it the way! This doesn't fall down during the day and doesn't give panda eyes! it also doesn't transfer. it is probably the best liquid eyeliner i have ever used and i will keep using this until it runs out!

Do you love liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner? or have you tried this, what are your thoughts?

thank you for reading,


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real techniques rave

hey lovelies!

I know most of you already know how amazing the real techniques core collection brushes are and everyone is probably sick of hearing about them, but i got them back in the summer and never did a blogpost on them when i wish i had, as i see people umming and arring about getting these and they are, for me, the best thing i have ever bought that has been make up related and under £25! many of you beauty bloggers will be thinking 'who on earth is she talking about? everyone knows about these brushes! is she still living in 2011?' well, i know literally every beauty blogger and their dog knows about these brushes, but if you are new to the blogging world then i am informing you that these are literally the best brushes you could buy - regarding quality and value for money!

as you can see, they come in a cute little pouch which can be stood up or just used as a pouch which is perfect or traveling, there is also room for more of your brushes which is also handy! I tend to just put them in a pot with all of my other brushes! The core collection contains 4 brushes: the buffing brush, the contour brush, the pointed foundation brush and the detailer brush. They are so dense, and many can be used for a lot of different which is also really helpful! for example, the buffing brush can be used for mineral/liquid/cream foundation; buffing blush/bronzer; applying bronzer; cream products; highlighter and so much more! the contour brush can be used for contouring (contour&highlight) with liquid/cream/powder products. The detailer brush can be used as a concealer or lip brush! and i also find it works well as an eyeliner brush when using eyeshadows as eyeliner! I find the pointed foundation brush is good for foundation but also amazing for applying highlighter on the cheekbones and brow bone!

So that is all from me, have you tried the real techniques brushes?

Olivia X

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cute lil boots

hey guys, hope you're all well!

ive been searching for some new boots seeing as my chelsea boots have had their day and are beginning to look shabby! i have had them for a year and i did only pay £40 for them, so it is more than expected for them to look the way they do! Anyway, these are the shoes ive been wearing instead! ive had them for a while and even my mum has a pair ha ha! if i remember rightly they are from charles clinkard and are from the brand hush puppies which i think are for middle age - old people.. haha. Anyway, these are the shoes.

they are a suede material and are actually really comfy, they look kind of dirty and faded in the pictures but they look fine in real life! they are available in a range of colours and my mum has them in black and purple! I like these because they are quite different but not so different that you look wacky, if you know what i mean? they are so casual too, and will hopefully last me till i can find some new chelsea boots, i currently have my eye on some for asos! I think these will last a while

what are your favourite shoes at the moment?

thank you for reading,

Olivia x

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new earrings!

hey guys!

this is just a quick post to tell you all about my new earrings i picked up from primark the other day for just £1 (what a barg!) they are so cute and i love them.. i don't really get the chance to wear them much as most of the time im at school where most of the teachers don't even allow you to wear studs, but as soon as its the weekend i whack these bad boys out like there's no tomorrow!

so priddy! however, with the bargain price tag, also comes the not-good-quality-metal-that-leaves-your-earlobes-looking-a-funny-colour-when-you-take-them-out look! Anyone else get that? it's not just with primark earrings, it's with all makes that aren't real gold/silver.. sigh.

i love these nonetheless!

what have you been loving recently?


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everyday make up #1

hey guys, hope you're all well!

today i'm going to show you my everyday make up routine because i love seeing everyone elses!

my face

1. wow i look so happy here! this is me without any make up on, just moisturiser!
2. foundation and concealer done!
3. eyebrows and eyeliner
4. mascara and a light eyeshadow in my inner corner and on the bridge of my nose! 

the products

rimmel kate moss lasting finish lipstick in 01

mac eyebrow pencil in lingering
eco tools angled eyeliner brush
elf lip brush (used for eyeliner)
elf eyebrow kit in ash
elf gel eyeliner in black
rimmel eyeshadow in moonstone, featured in my
no7 mascara, full review

 real techniques stippling brush
revlon photo ready foundation
sleek contour kit
real techniques contour brush 
collection lasting perfection concealer
primark foundation & concealer brush (used for concealer)
finished look
So guys, that is my everyday make up look! hope you enjoyed, and would love if you could leave me a link to your everyday make up if you have done one! have a good evening!
Olivia x
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first favourites of 2013

hey guys!
hope you're all well, can you believe we are already a month (more or less) into 2013? i can't! Any way here are my first beauty & non-beauty.

from left to right:
no7 stippling brush
part of set, sadly not available anymore!:(
real techniques buffing brush
boots £21.99
soap and glory bright here bright now instant radiance energy balm (that's a name and a half isn't it!)
boots £11
oilatum natural repair face cream
boots £7.65
benefit bad gal mascara
boots £16.50
mac eyebrow pencil in lingering
  mac £12.50
tweezerman tweezers
boots £19.50
rimmel mono eyeshadow in 244 moonstone
boots £3.99
mini bourjois loose eyeshadow in shade 6
not available - similar from 17 here
favourite skincare

These two products have been my favourite moisturisers to use under my foundation recently. I mentioned the soap and glory brightening balm in my recent haul. It brightens my skin under my foundation, and if im having a good skin day i will just wear this on it's own!
I picked up the oilatum moisturiser when i went into my local boots with high hopes of them stocking the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, which they sadly didn't (cry) so i decided to pick up a bottle of this instead! And i certainly do not regret it!
favourite brushes

The brushes i have found myself reaching for the most this month would have to be my real techniques buffing brush and my no 7 stippling brush, which i got in a set a couple of Christmases ago. The buffing brush has such a variety of uses, from buffing in your foundation to applying highlighter. That said, i actually use the stippling brush to apply my highlighter, as sometimes the buffing brush can be a bit big. but that makes it better for buffing out bronzer/blusher (which i tend to do a lot.) i also love all the other brushes in the core collection.
favourite eye make up

my favourite eye make up for the start of 2013 would have to be my benefit bad gal mascara. It gives my eyelashes length and volume without going over the top, which is good for me seeing as i am at school most of the time! I may do a more in depth review on this with before and after pictures if you'd like to see that? also, my favourite eyeshadows have been rimmel's white eyeshadow and bourjois loose eyeshadow. I prefer the white eyeshadow as a highlight for my inner corner/tear duct area and brow bone! I like the pink, loose eyeshadow to just dust over my lid! So pretty!
favourite eyebrow products
my favourite eyebrow pencil would have to be mac's eyebrow pencil in lingering (full review here) i just love the way it makes my eyebrows look: defined, but not drawn on! round of applause to mac! and with the help of tweezerman's tweezers i get my brows looking nice and groomed! Although these tweezers are expensive, you can get them sharpened for free and they last forever! They are by far the best tweezers i have ever used!
favourite item of clothing

It was so difficult for me to pick just one item of clothing! but i went for this 'popcorn' jumper from new look that i received for christmas and i can't stop wearing it! it is longer at the back than it is at the front so perfect for wearing with leggings/ thrown over some jeans! Sorry for the dodging photo, ha ha!
favourite music
If you follow me on twitter or instagram you will know i love lana del rey and i'm going to see her in concert in may (eeep!) I have been loving born to die: the paradise edition ever since it came out in november! my mum and my sister both love her too so this is constantly playing in our house, as is the normal born to die cd! ahh i love lana so much!
favourite food

you may think i have a couple of screws loose for posting my favourite food on a beauty blog, but seriously, reeses cups are worth raving about on any type of blog as they as so delicious. In fact, delicious is an understatement! I love them! They are currently on offer for 3 for £1.20 when one pack would usually be 60p.. Bargain! (and i wonder why i haven't got a six pack and legs like a victoria secret angel! haha!)
favourite household-y type item

excuse the extremely vague, not very professional name of this category as i'm not too sure on which category this little beauty would fall in to! I'm also not to sure on how to explain what they are either! The packet they came it didn't give too much away either! They are called Toast Stamps (which you can buy here) and you push them into the bread, remove and then toast! I have the ones that say "LOVE" and "HOT STUFF" and i just think they are sooo cute! I think these work better with a toaster, not the grill!
That is the end of my favourites for the first month of 2013. Hope you enjoyed and have a marvelous weekend , thank you for reading!
 Olivia x
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