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I don't move too far out of my comfort zone when it comes to lip products and colours. I blame this on my braces - no lipstick compliments my train tracks, instead it just ends up making me feel more self conscious! So, there won't be any burgundy lips this winter for me (well, maybe after December 10 when I will finally be free of braces!), instead I've turned to a classic nude.

90s inspired nude lips have been left, right and centre this year due to Miss Kylie Jenner.  Whether she has had fillers or not, you cannot deny her lips always look on point and are often the main focal point of her look. I have (sort of) tried to emulate this, but as you can imagine I look nothing like Miss Jenner. For my Jenner inspired lip I used Rimmel's Lip Liner in Eastend Snob and Sleek's Lipstick in Barely There. I only recently picked up the lip liner and ive actually been having a right mare with it - it keeps snapping off! I don't even wind it up very far but it just completely breaks off when ever I try to use, any tips gals? Nevertheless, it is a beautiful colour and looks perfect paired with Barely There from Sleek. They aren't a perfect match, but I like the mix of undertones.

Are you brave enough to rock a bold lip or are you sticking with me on the nude front? (ooh ar!)




Hi guys! I know I haven't posted in what feels like donkey's years but I have been so busy with sixth form, driving lessons etc. I finally have some spare time so I thought I'd do a little FOTD post to get back into the blogging spirit.

Firstly, I used MAC Strobe Cream as a primer/moisturiser which is absolutely amazing. I got it for my birthday and haven't stopped using it since! Then I go onto foundation, Vichy Dermablend which is an old favourite of mine although it is too dark for me in the winter months. Next up is MAC Prolong Wear Concealer which is hands down the best concealer I've ever used (big statement I know!) it does have a tendency to crease so I do set it with the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Powder. For bronzer, I am still in love with the Seventeen Cream Bronzer - it's gorgeous. For brows I use the MAC Omega Eye Shadow which is perfect for all the blondies out there. After prepping my eyes with the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, I move onto the star of the show which is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette which is stunning!!! It smells like chocolate, tastes like chocolate (long story)! The shadows are so pigmented and creamy. Basically, if you're looking for a new neutrals palette, this is your gal! I used Hazelnut and Crème Brulee (the two bottom left shades) for a gorgeous bronzey eye. I finished the eyes with lashings of the Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara, I need the full size version of this but at £20 odd a pop I don't know if I can. For the lips, I patted in Sleek's Barely There Lip Stick.

That's all from me today, hopefully I will be able to keep up a blogging schedule this time!



A little update of what I've been doing for the past month.

Mid August I went down to Kent to see my family, I had a really good time and I've been meaning to compile some photos from the week into a post but I just keep forgetting, so Ive included a few in this post. I had a great time and it's nice to catch up with family members that you haven't seen for a year!

Then, a couple days after I had landed back in Manchester, it was results day. I was feeling very nervous, despite knowing that I'd worked hard and put a ton of effort in! I got 7A*s and 3As so the party on the Friday night was definitely a celebratory one. Since then, I have been buying clothes for sixth form (I start on Wednesday eek!) I'm going to the same school as I have been for the past 5 years so hopefully it won't be too daunting. I am doing Spanish, Chemistry, Biology and Geography at A Level as I do enjoy these subjects, although Spanish not so much. I did a bit of AS Spanish last year because I did my GCSE a year early and I can't say I've enjoyed it. I feel like all the useful things I learnt for GCSE I've now forgotten aha! 

I'm also on the app 'Make Up Social' my username is oliviakiernan and I'd love to follow you if you have an account so feel free to leave your username down below!
Hopefully I should be able to post rather regularly if I manage my time well like doing homework the night I get it (I actually stuck to this through the whole of year 11 - apart from long essays which I did on the weekend as I felt I had more time)

Thanks for reading, if you're going back to school/college/university in September then I wish you luck! 

Olivia x


A recent addition to my ever growing stash of lashes are the Red Cherry #415 Lashes. Dramatic, long and sorta wispy - what more could you want in a pair of lashes? Not to mention, they are so easy to apply. I've had trouble with application of lashes in the past with various brands such as Eldora, Kiss and Eyelure so as this is my first dip into the Red Cherry pond, I am pleasantly surprised with how flexible the lash band is. They are also 100% human hair so they don't look shiny/plastic like some lashes do. I'm not entirely sure where their source of human hair is from, which does worry me a bit as wearing someone's actual hair on my eyes is pretty odd. 

I do have to trim the lashes down a little as my eyes are pretty small (they have a lready been cut to size in the photo). I feel like these lashes could look a little but OTT on me without eyeshadow but that is just person preference, I guess. 

At a mere £2.99 from they are an absolute bargain! 

Olivia x


The weather has been pretty good recently with the sun shining almost everyday, although there have been a few sporadic bouts of rain here and there  (as to be expected in Manchester). To give a little nod of appreciation to the sun for making an appearance this summer I thought I'd put together a post gathering a few of my summer essentials.

Obvs. Shorts are a necessity in summer for almost everyone and I've been particularly liking my Levi's this year. I purchased them on a whim from eBay and they were far too big for me last year but I think I've grown into them (which is good and bad depending on how you look at it) but I do still have to wear a belt and they really don't make my bum look great. The thing I do love about these shorts are the relaxed fit as they are so comfy to wear; plus they are quite short but they still cover your bum cheeks! Overall, they're amazing. 

Again, another necessity for summer. I really wanted some flatform type sandals this year but none have really stood out to me so I've settled for these Aztec style sandals from Primark. I do a hell of a lot of walking as I really dislike buses so I did get some pretty mean blisters from these sandals.

I purchased these sunglasses last year and I have been on the hunt for some cat eye style ones that aren't so big that they swallow my face up! These sunglasses are pretty though and they do the job very well.

I feel like I am constantly harping on about the Clinique Chubby Sticks but they are just so perfect for summer. Sheer, moisturising and handbag friendly. What more could you want?

What are your must have products for summer? 



Can you believe we are in August already? This can only mean that I go on holiday in less than two weeks, or that results day is in just under three weeks.. Either way July has been a month of a mini spending ban and blog post planning as well as a few beauty faves..

I received this little notebook last September and it's come in handy here and there since then but recently I've been using it to generate ideas, manage and plan my blogposts. I feel very Anna (from VDM) and Lily (from Lily Pebbles) when using this, ha.

I've had this for months now, I believe I bought it from the seller 'sinedy' who sells a bunch of different brushes (and everything else you could ever think of). I've been using this not only for eyeshadow, but also for contouring. This brush blends the colour out really nicely, whilst keeping it precise.

This stuff is amazing. Seriously. I slather this onto my hair before blow drying and afterwards my hair feels so much smoother and soft! Considering my hair is knackered (split ends, heat damage - don't worry I'm getting a hell of a lot cut off it soon) it works wonders keeping frizz  at bay, whilst maintaining non greasy. I've tried the shampoo and conditioner in the same range, but I can't say they made a huge difference to my hair. 

I picked up this little quad from Tesco, for a mere 99p in the Clearance section. I'm not sure why it was there as there seems to be no damage to the packaging, nor to the actual product. I've really been liking the green and coppery shade. The only downside to this quad is the lack of matte shades- all shimmer on the eye is a bit of a no-go for me! I'm planning a full review post (complete with swatches) on this little baby. My mum bought this for me in our weekly shop so don't worry, I didn't break the spending ban.

Everyone loves a good freebie right? My sister picked me up the Glamour magazine with this Chubby Stick in and I can't thank her enough! This has been constantly in my handbag ready to be whipped on any moment. Although I do really like the whole concept of these Chubby Sticks, I don't think I'll be dishing out £18 for a full sized one. Ill probably hit the Revlon counter instead for some of their balm stain majigs.

So, that's a wrap. What products have you been loving this month?



L'oreal True Match Foundation / Collection Concealer / Bourjois 24 Hour Colour Edition / Benefit Bad Gal / S&G Bronzer / MAC MSF Lightscapade / Clinique Chubby Stick Wopping Watermelon 

Yes, I have no eyebrows on. What was I thinking? I was only going to the orthodontist and I went a little cray with my eye make up so I decided to skip brows to tone down the look, but I didn't realise how odd I look haha. Anyway, I have been loving my mini Chubby Stick from Glamour mag and it hasn't left my lips since i got it. So moisturising yet leaves a beautiful colour on the lips! My hair is looking a little bit like a hot mess in these pics, but I was only going to the orthodontist and I doubt she cares ;)

P.S I have gone for a cheeky Instagram filter, it was just another one of those days where you take about 1000+ photos but don't like any of them. You know what I'm talking about. (If you don't then guuurrlllll let me in on yo lil secret.)

Thanks for reading! 

Olivia x


SWATCHES L-R: Blush and Bronzer Duoin St Lucia, All Over Colour Stick in Spotlight, Pigment Eyeshadow, Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose, Blush in Gotta Glow, Eyebrow Kit in Ash (just the wax), Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint in Pink, Eyebrow Lift and Filler (Lift first, then the filler), Cream Eyeliner in Coffee.

I have been inspired to do this post after seeing Shaaanxo's one brand tutorial videos, and although I don't make videos on youtube I thought I could maybe tweak the idea slightly and do a post containing all the products I own from a certain brand and do a mini review on each of the products. Today, I'm going to be doing it on ELF Cosmetics, which I enjoy and, in my opinion, have built up quite a collection of their products considering they are only available online.


The BLUSH AND BRONZER DUO in ST LUCIA is one of my favourite blush-bronzer duo type thing, though I'm not a huge fan of the bronzer (a little bit too dark and shimmery for me) the blush is gorgeous - a peachy pink with gold reflecks running through it. This duo is supposed to be a dupe of the NARS ORGASM AND LAGUNA BLUSH BRONZER DUO though I don't own it so I can't comment on whether it is dupe worthy enough, but after using the bronzer I don't think I'll be rushing out to get the NARS LAGUNA BRONZER.

The next two products are highlighters which I often forget about as I only ever really use my MAC MSF in LIGHTSCAPADE. In saying that, the ALL OVER COLOUR STICK in SPOTLIGHT and the BLUSH in GOTTA GLOW are beautiful but I do find them a little difficult to work with. The stick is a little too creamy for me and my oily skin and the blush is a little too glittery for everyday use.


The EYEBROW KIT in ASH used to be a holy grail product for me, and it probably still would be now if MAC OMEGA EYESHADOW hadn't turned up, which the powder side is basically a dupe for although it is a little lighter and possibly not as pigment (this is why I and only swathed the gel side as the powder is barely visible on the skin). The gel side is nice when run through the brows and also helps to tame them a little but the shade is perhaps on the warm side for me. Next up is the EYEBROW LIFT AND FILLER which I was very disappointed by, you may be able to see on the swatch just how waxy the pencil end was! It is impossible to work with. And the chunky style of it made it difficult to be precise and also extremely difficult to sharpen!

For eyeshadow I have the EYESHADOW PIGMENT in COFFEE although a tad messy it is a beautiful colour when packed on to the lid. It has actual glitter in there which I was a little sceptical about at first but they don't pose much difficulty when applying the product. I often wet my brush with MAC FIX+ then dip it into the product to get maximum intensity! For liner, the ELF CREAM EYELINER was my first gel/cream eyeliner which I loved a lot when I first bought it as I was really into a good cat eye then! Since then, as I have put down the gel eyeliner and picked up the eyeshadows, this cream eyeliner has really dried out and really tug on my skin when searching. It is most probably due to the long time I've had it or (I have a lot of trouble with the lids of these and can never seem to close them) not putting the lid on properly. 


I've said it before on my blog that I'm not a huge lip product person but I do venture into the lip product world occasionally. From ELF I have the MATTE LIP COLOUR in TEA ROSE which is a mauve pink shade - almost purple! Although it's quite a muted down purple I still don't wear it as often as I'd like to. On the other had I have the MINERAL MOISTURISING LIP TINT in PINK which is quite a sheer peachy pink that you can just whack on and go.


Everyone always raves about ELF brushes and I am exactly the same. An old favourite of mine is the POWDER BRUSH, a dense, flat top brush perfect for powder, foundation, bronzer - everything! A more recent purchase is the  SMALL STIPPLING BRUSH which is, again, very multipurpose and can be used for a variety of different things. I also own the LIP BRUSH which I occasionally use for lipstick but also concealer, an occasionally with the PIGMENT EYESHADOW. 

So that concludes my Brand Spotlight post! I have some real stand out products from ELF but I also have some 'meh' products too. What are you fave ELF products? 

Olivia x


I'm sure you're all aware of Clinique's collaboration with Glamour magazine which I personally think is great. Glamour magazine have four Clinique freebies: Chubby Stick in Wopping Watermelon and Super Strawberry; Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +; and the High Impact Mascara.

I really wanted to get my hands on the Chubby Sticks but when I first went to the Supermarket, it seemed as though they had all sold out so I settled for the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +, which is amazing by the way! I may have to get the full size when I run out of the sample as I bloody love it. Anyway, I managed to get my hands on the Chubby Sticks in the end as my sister saw some at her work and quickly bought both shades (one for her and one for me, obvs) I got the Wopping Watermelon and she's got the Super Strawberry shade. They're both gorgeous and I definitely want to invest in some more.

The downside is that we now have three of the same magazine floating about our house. 

Thanks for reading, have you managed snap up any goodies this month? 

Olivia x



Now that summer is in full swing, I thought I would do a post on the products I like to use to get that bronze glow we all want in the summer months.

First up is the ST TROPEZ BRONZING MOUSSE which is just a standard tanning mousse which you can apply all over your body or just in specific areas. Personally, I go for the latter and just apply it to my arms and legs to give them a little bit of colour so I don't look quite as ghostly pale. When you first apply this, it looks quite dark, which I actually like, and then you shower off the guide colour and you're left with quite a subtle tan. I can't quite decide whether this is a pro or a con for me as when I wash it off I sort of look like I haven't put any on! I apply this with a mitt, usually in the evenings so I can shower it off in the mornings. Otherwise if you go out with the guide colour on and you sweat/get it is a bit of a disaster! (The worst is applying to your arms and then sweating as you end up with brown sweat patches - nice!)

The tan that requires a little less commitment is the ST TROPEZ INSTANT TAN WASH OFF which can be used for face and body. This is great for when you haven't had time to fake tan or if you suddenly have last minute plans and your legs need a bit of colour on them! I occasionally use this on my face if I've fake tanned my body and need my face to match. I have a few dry patches on my face and this does tend to cling a little to them, which is something to bare in mind when buying this. The best thing about this product is that the dreaded fake tan hands syndrome is completely avoidable as you can just wash your hands right after application so there's not an orange palm in sight!

Next up is the ST TROPEZ SKIN ILLUMINATOR in GOLD. Ahhhh, this illuminator is so pretty! The gold shimmers compliments tanned skin beautifully, creating that 'lit from within' glow we are all lusting for in the summer time. This can be used on the body to highlight the décolletage and other places. I like to mix it with moisturiser and put it on my legs to give them a summery glow without being too in your face. It can also be used on your face, as a highlighter or mixed with moisturiser/foundation to give a beautiful dewy finish.

What are you summer must haves for glowing skin?

Olivia x



I have been loving a lot of non beauty related stuff recently and I thought I'd show a couple of my most recent favourites.


I bought this book because of Katie Snooks' recommendation as she said it was her favourite book and it didn't disappoint. Although it did take a while for me to get into it, once it began to pic up speed I couldn't put it down. I would definitely recommend this book, but I wouldn't say it was an 'easy' read, mainly due to the story line (which I won't say much about in case you want to read it yourself).


Ultraviolence has been a firm favourite of mine ever since it was released in the UK on the 16th June. I honestly cannot sop listening to it. If you're a lover of LDR then give it a listen, if you haven't already. There has been a lot of bad press surrounding Lana about feminism and idolising people who have died young. Of you're up to date with the whole sitch you'll probably know that the author of the article made it appear worse by not including everything she was saying. How annoying. I suppose it emphasises the whole 'don't believe everything you read' sort of thing. Anyway, the album is amazing and I adore all of the songs and I really couldn't pick a favourite (I just tried to write down all my favourites then realised I had included virtually the whole track list). Plus, how beaut does Lana look on the cover? Gorgeous.


This pair of sunglasses is supposed to represent some of the amazing weather we've been having recently and I've really been loving it. Although I haven't really caught much of a tan, I do enjoy just being out in the sunshine.

That's it for my recent non beauty faves! What are yours? 

Olivia x



I have had this palette for so long now and I have been meaning to blog about it for some time (I'd even taken the photos a couple of months ago but I kept forgetting to write the post up). I use this almost everyday for something or another and it has become a real staple in my make up bag so a review was definitely needed.

First off is PACKAGING
Of course, the sleek packaging is very chic with matte black casing and 'Sleek' written in a glossy text. The brand name says it all really! The palette is thin, which is often a plus for most bloggers what with travelling and storage and such, but since taking these photos some how I have managed to snap off the rather large (and extremely useful especially for on the go) mirror! I've no idea how I've done it but coincidently I've had the same problem with the contour kit compact too- is it just me being clumsy? Or has anyone else had this issue?

These shadows are soft and buttery and they do apply nicely to the lids. Although I do find with the darker shades you can get a little bit of fall out. They also require a little extra time to blend them out seemlessly compared to the likes of MAC shadows. The longevity of the shadows is good when used with a primer (I use MAC Paint Pot in Painterly), I haven't tried without one as I have quite oily lids so I need a primer with basically all eyeshadows that I use. The shadows do tend to fade a little if its a really long day but nothing too drastic!

My swatches are a little deceiving as it seems that the lighter shades are less pigmented, but in real life they are just as good as the darker colours but thy just don't show up on my skin as much! Although I don't tend to wear black eyeshadow, the black in this palette is awesome and I sometimes use it as a liner. The darker shimmery shades, 'Conker' and 'Mineral Earth' aren't quite as pigmented in my opinion, but they still work well but you just have to do a bit of layering.

As with all Sleek products, the quality for the price is insane. Sleek products are so affordable, this palette retails for a measly £7.99 which works out for around 66p per eyeshadow - bargain right?! Personally, I do prefer the Sleek palettes to some of the cheaper brands. For example, MUA do a 12 pan palette for half the price of this one but the quality isn't nearly as close so I would really recommend this palette to anyone! 

If I had to pick my favourite shade it would be 'Toast' which is use as a blending or transition colour for my eyeshadow, especially if I'm doing quite a dramatic look. I also love 'Taupe' (which certainly isn't a taupe colour in my opinion) as it is so beaut and shimmery! 'Moss' is another favourite of mine as it is a bit different to what I normally go for!

Do you like the Sleek palettes? Which one is your favourite?

Olivia x


The blogging community is one of the best things about blogging, so to share the love of some of my favourite bloggers I thought I would so a post on the best beauty bloggers on the block.

Gorgeous girl, gorgeous photography and overall a gorgeous blog. Maddy is insanely talented and her writing style and pro shot photos always keep me coming back for more.

I have adored Islay's blog for so long. Her photography is perfect, as are her youtube videos which are so wonderfully edited! She's uploaded some great recipes and how to posts, including how to press pigments and a recipe for a delicious looking strawberry and cream cake. Not to mention her nail posts/ tutorials in which she is insanely talented!

Kate's blog is absolutely stunning; from the blog design to the photos to the content. Not to mention Kate herself is bloody gorgeous too. She also makes videos on youtube like tag videos and also grwm/tutorials which are brill. 

I have been following Tash's blog and youtube for as long as I can remember and I could literally sit there all day watching her videos on youtube and reading her posts. I love her Get Ready With Me vids and I thoroughly trust, and live by, her recommendations of different beauty bits. You should all go and check her out.

That is it for my fave bloggers, of course there are many, many more but I thought I'd keep this post short and sweet!

Who are your favourite bloggers? I'd love to check 'em out.

Olivia x



I am not one for slating products or spreading negativity but I thought I'd share my views on some hyped up products that, in my opinion, have fallen short of the blogger publicity surrounding them.

I mentioned I felt disappointed by this foundation in a #bbloggers chat a couple of weeks ago, and I think a few people were quite surprised as there is a huge amount of hype surrounding it as so many bloggers like Lily from LLYMLRS and Kate from gh0stparties love it and are always raving about it. But, for me, this product just didn't work; it stuck to dry patches and emphasised the uneven texture of my skin. Despite following the advice of all the bloggers of only using a little at a time, it still went cakey. If I'm honest, it certainly wasn't worth the £33 I paid for it. What I do like about it is that it looks natural (for the coverage that it gives) and the shade is okay - not quite pale enough for me in the winter but it is a good match at the moment. I may do a separate review on Silk Creme Foundation with pictures etc.

I think the only reason I was a little disappointed by this was because I had heard it was similar to the Chanel Solei Tan de Chanel which I had heard tons and tons of good reviews on. I bought this so long ago, I think last summer and I haven't really used much of it. All in all, it is a good bronzer it just wasn't what I was expecting. I do find it a little tricky to apply as if you buff it in too much it can go patchy so I use tapping motions to apply this.

I suppose I did buy this on a whim, so I'm not so sure as to what I was expecting, but this just does not do anything for my lips. Yes, it makes them tingle for around a minute but then the feeling fades and your lips are no plumper than they were before. This gloss is clear though so I have been using it as a standard gloss over lippies.

Have you ever fallen for the hype surrounding products and been disappointed?

Olivia x


I recently took a trip to the Lake District with my friends where we stayed in a static caravan for a week. I had such an amazing time walking through all the quaint towns and enjoying the fresh air! On the contrary to what BBC weather predicted, the sun was up and shining every day! I even got sunburnt on my shoulders and the top of my forehead, which is not the best look I must admit. As a result of the good weather I tended to sway towards a much more natural look and the rest of my make up was more for 'emergency' reasons (whichever emergency requires 3 eyeshadow blending brushes..) Anyway, I thought this was a great opportunity to show what is in my travel make up bag! 

For my base, I brought two options (completely unnecessary, I know) which were L'oreal True Match and Vichy Dermablend. They are two of my favourites and reasonably priced too! They give a medium to full coverage so I didn't really use them that much but when I did I used my ELF Studio Small Stippling brush and as a second option I brought the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. For concealer I brought my well loved Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and the Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer which I only use for the translucent powder (applied with the MAC 186 Stippling brush). To warm up the face it could only be the Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer, this is one of my all time favourites as is so easy to apply and it blends out nicely too! I used the MAC 168 angled contour to apply that, as well as the MAC MSF in Lightscapade.

To even out my eyelids I brought the MAC Painterly Paint Pot which is a flesh toned base which prevents creasing and makes shadows more vibrant. Although I didn't wear any eyeshadows, I did bin my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette which is great for travelling and has a good sized mirror. I brought my eBay brushes just incase I did want to go for an eye look. I also brought Omega eyeshadow from MAC and an angled brush for my brows.

I didn't bring any lipstick, just my trusty Carmex as my lips get so dry in the sun! 

Thanks for reading! I'd love to know what's in your travel make up bag this summer.

Olivia x



Bronze eyeshadow is a failsafe, but beautiful shade for your lids all year round as it compliments every eye colour and suits a multitude of skin tones. In the warmer months especially I find myself reaching for the bronzey hues a lot more and they are continually in rotation in my daily make up routine. For this reason, I thought I'd share with you, in my opinion, the best of the bronze.

This is definitely a favourite of many bloggers/vloggers and I can see why. Although I've had this for a while and have used it many times, I've only made the tiniest dent in it. This is mainly due to how bloody pigmented this stuff is!! A little goes a long way, but do not fear! If you do apply a little too much it is easily blended out with either your finger or a blending brush of your choice - (if I've really made a mess of the whole sitch then I like to use a dense, synthetic round top brush to blend it right out to reverse the damage I've done!). Once it's set though, there is no going back as this does not budge/crease until you get your make up remover on this bad boy. Seriously. The colour of this is really pretty too, it's quite metallic but it isn't as warm toned as the other ones featured in this post. I really like that as I think it suits me when I'm really pale or when I have a bit of a (fake) tan.

If you have read my blog for a while now, I used to use this quad all the time for any eyeshadow looks. I think Rimmel have changed the packaging a little, and possibly the formula but I think the same quad is still available. In the swatch above I used the second darkest colour (top right of the quad) as I think this is the bronziest shade of them all. The formula of the eyeshadows could be a little bit smoother as I find they can feel a little rough and chalky. Nevertheless, these eyeshadows are highly pigmented and blend dreamily with each other and other shadows. The quad itself has a nice range of shades going from light to dark, allowing you to create a variety of looks going from soft to sultry. The only downside to the quad is that they are all shimmery shades so there are no mattes for the crease. 

I know a few bloggers have raved about this shadow as it is beautiful all over the lid for a quick wash of colour or it can be built up for a more intense look. Personally, I prefer the former as you can sweep it over the lid and blend it up into the crease and it looks as though you have put a lot more effort into your make up than you actually have - perfect for those early starts or when you are running a little late! Using a primer underneath, this eyeshadow doesn't crease throught out the day but it can fade a little if you're wearing it for a super long time. The formula for this mono eyeshadow from Rimmel is a lot nicer than the quad I just mentioned. I'm not sure if this is because it's a single eyeshadow or because I have had the quad for years!

I saw Kate from gh0stparties using this shade in a make up look on YouTube a while back and it looked so beaut on her I knew I needed it. It's quite a unique shade as it has almost a pink sparkle running through it, I can't describe it but you may be able to see in the swatch. It is a little chunky and can create some fall out if you get a little too much on the brush. Similar to the Rimmel Smokey Quartz, it looks beautiful as a wash of colour all over the lid or packed on for an insanely beautiful and shimmery look! 

Ahhhhh. Possibly my favourite of the bunch. Why? Well, it blends like a dream for starters, creating a seamless bronze goddess type scenario, mainly due to the formula, like all MAC eyeshadows, is on point. The shade of it is perfect with just the right amount of shimmer, making blue eyes pop. It's so wearable and I can imagine it would go with any outfit/ lip colour. This is definitely my ultimate go to eyeshadow all year round.

That's it for the lowdown of the best bronze eyeshadows! Have you got any faves that I haven't mentioned?

Olivia x


I realise I've been a little absent from blogger recently so what better way to update you on the beauty products I'm using and enjoying than a favourites post?

I've finally ditched the powder and turned to this little beauty for setting my base make up. Admittedly, it has taken me a while to fall in love with this product; I got it back in September and I wasn't particularly wowed by it if I'm honest. The thing I love most about this product is that it adds a touch of moisture back into my skin. I douse myself in this stuff after applying my foundation and it just makes my face look so much fresher and healthier! I spray this at arms length as spraying it too close can leave you a little sticky and looking like a hot mess.

Even at the best of times eyeshadows don't tend to stick around on my lids for long, so in summer especially an eye primer is an absolute crucial step for me. This particular primer is a triple threat; it prevents creasing, evens out discolouration and makes eyeshadows go on smoother and a lot more vibrant. What more could a gal want from an eye primer?

I picked this up a while back in boots on a bit of a whim and even then I was extremely late hopping on the lip butter bandwagon. I'm not one for lip products, therefore I don't own many and often don't add many to my minuscule stash. As I said, this was bought on a whim and I'm so glad I did buy it! It's so subtle on the first swipe but it can be layered to an opaque peach shade with gold shimmers running through it. I definitely need to pick up some more shades - any recommendations? 

I've been opting for a lighter base now that we are well into the warmer months, and this brush really delivers a light but flawless base. I use it in conjunction with my L'oreal True Match Foundation and they really are the dream team. I apologise for not washing the brushes before showing them (just keeping it .. er .. authentic, you know) but the bristles come up really clean. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a clean duo fibre or any white haired brush in your stash, ey? I haven't experienced any shedding or the dye coming out, which is amazing for how affordable this brush is!

This brush is the queen of blending for me. Well, out of the brushes I have. I think it is mainly the style of the brush as it is slightly tapered, helping it to diffuse colours so beautifully and it is really easy to create a blown out smokey eye with this brush. The bristles are soft and delicate on the eye area, but perhaps not the softest of brushes as I think the title of the softest brushes will always go to Real Techniques. For the price, a mere 99p, the quality is great, and I 100% recommend.

Although I haven't included it the photograph, I've enjoyed using Sellotape to create a sharp and precise line for really dramatic eyeshadow! 

What products have you been loving throughout June?

Olivia x


I bought this foundation a while ago and on first impressions I wasn't too impressed as it seemed to really oxidise on my skin and cling to dry patches. I've decided to give it another go as I've heard nothing but bloggers singing their praises about this foundation like Lauren Curtis, Vivianna and so many more!

I can happily report that this foundation deserves the hype surrounding it as it is amazing for the price. I find it is like MAC Studio Fix Fluid in terms of coverage but it feels so much lighter and looks a lot more natural. The shade I have which is C1 is also a pretty good match for my skin, it is very fair so good for the all the pale gals out there. In saying that, I do find it does get darker on my skin during the day which is a bit annoying but it doesn't overly detract from how the foundation looks. I also find it doesn't cling to dry patches providing a good moisturiser/primer is applies before hand. It leaves a natural finish on the skin although on my skin it leans towards the dewier side of the spectrum which provides a healthy glow without looking sweaty/oily.

The foundation also applies and blends really nicely. For this foundation I do like using either my ELF Small Stippling brush or the Real Techniques Buffing brush/Expert face brush which gives a really nice polished look. It also looks nice blended in with fingers to give a more natural look. I'm sorry I couldn't upload a picture of me wearing the foundation but I am wearing it one of my previous posts if you're interested.

Overall, I adore this foundation especially for the price as it really is a bargain at under £10 (and currently on 3 for 2 in Boots!)

Have you tried the L'oreal True Match?




mono by olivia-kiernan featuring a black shirt

Hey guys! So I've just joined Polyvore and I've really been enjoying using it and creating outfits. It's a really good website for seeing how items work together. Also it notifies you when an item you've liked is in the sale which is always great as you can snap it before it goes out of stock! 
I would love it if you could leave your links down below as I'd love to check out some of the looks you have created.

Thank you



FACE: loreal true match foundation, soap and glory kick ass concealer, mac msf in lightscapade, soap and glory bronzer

EYES: mac paint pot in painterly, mac bronze eyeshadow, mac omega eyeshadow, bourjois volume glamour max definition mascara, sleek palette in au naturel, urban decay naked basics palette

LIPS: sleek lipstick in barely there

Hello! First of all, sorry for barely posting over the last couple of months, my exams are looming (under a month until my first exams!) and therefore I have been spending my time revising and have had no spare time at all. I probably should be revising now although I have decided to take the day off, apart from reading To Kill A Mockingbird, so that I am nice and refreshed for the next week of revision.. Secondly, I would also like to apologise for the awfully zoomed in photo of myself. I was trying to crop out the dreaded arm when taking a photo and my messy room, although I still managed to get the vacuum cleaner in it hah.

Following on from my last post, a review of MAC Bronze Eyeshadow, here it is in action - used all over the lid and then some of 'Bark' (a dark brown from Sleek Au Naturel Palette) and 'Faint' (medium warm brown from UD Naked Basics Palette) in the outer corner and crease. I then just mirrored the shades used on my lid onto my botton lashline. I also went a bit crazy with the bronzer- the Soap and Glory one has now become my all time fave even though I have had it for ages only now do I realise how beautiful it is. In saying that, I hit pan on it this morning (which I found quite exciting for some reason) so does any one have an recommendations for a new one? I am quite tempted my the famous Solei Tan de Chanel bronzer but I have heard it is similar to the Bourjois Bronzing Primer which I didn't really like. I have really been loving the look of bronzed cheeks, probably due to the sunshine we're having at the moment! I also used my new fave mascara which is amazing, I won't say too much now as there will be a review coming soon!

Thanks for reading! Hope you've all had a great weekend :)




I picked up this eyeshadow a couple of weeks ago on the MAC Cosmetics website, when they had free delivery as a bit of a mid week pick me up. I hadnt swatched it before, but as the name suggests is a bronze/brown/gold shade. It is much more warm toned than some other bronze shades in my collection but it is a nice change and looks amazing all over the lid as well as in the crease. As with all MAC eyeshadows it is creamy, blends beautifully and lasts all day with the use of a primer. I hadn't really had the occasion to wear it until Saturday night when me and the gals went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Spinning Fields. It was absolutely yummy and I would 100% recommend the Bacon & Cheese burger - ahhhhh. Anyway, I wore this eyeshadow as a sort of subtle smokey eye with some eyeshadows from the UD Naked Basics and I can happily report it lasted all evening. My MAC eyeshadow collection is rather small so if you have any shades that you love, I'd love to hear them!

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I picked this lipstick up a couple of weeks ago after hearing Kate Snooks rave about it on her youtube channel. The lipstick goes on so smoothly as it is very pigmented and creamy. As it is so moisturising it does tend to fade quite quickly, but reapplying is no problem and you could probably do it without a mirror. The shade is a peachy nude which sometimes can look a little brown on my skin, so I just pat it onto my lips and then blend with my finger as I think this gives a nice effect. I picked this up from Boots for £4.99 and only realised after I had left that they had started stocking Sleek haha! I can't wait to pick up more things from Sleek as I actually don't own many of their products.

Overall this lipstick is a perfect nude shade and I have been getting a lot of wear out of it. Do you like Sleek lipsticks?