mac eyebrow pencil in lingering

I recently went to MAC in my town center to pick up an eyebrow pencil. I had my sights set on the eyebrow pencil in Fling, as it states it a cool, ash blonde colour, just what I need (Well I thought I did anyway.)
The woman at mac was so helpful, and advised me to get lingering, instead of fling, as fling probably wouldn't show up on my eyebrows, as they are pretty dark for someone with blonde hair. She said lingering wouldn't make my eyebrows any darker than they already were, they would just make them look fuller and more defined! That is exactly what I wanted, and that is exactly what lingering does!
Here are a couple of pictures so you can see what it looks like..
top photo with out mac lingering
bottom photo with mac lingering

I really recommend MAC eyebrow pencil in the shade lingering, if you have brows like mine. It's long wearing, not too orange-y and doesn't look like you've just drawn your eyebrows on!
Well done MAC!
Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful evening! X
8 comments on "mac eyebrow pencil in lingering"
  1. sounds excellent! I am always looking for a good eyebrow pencil, I've been using a shadow and its just not all that great!

    1. Me too! I think this eyebrow pencil is the one for me! for the moment anyway<3

  2. I will be honest, i have never really bothered with eyebrow pencils but after seeing this it really does make a huge difference! perhaps I will have to invest in one!


    1. Yeah! I find it really makes a difference in shaping my face! :D xx

  3. I've been wondering whether to try this for a while now! Sounds good though from this blog post and they make your eyebrows look so nice and defined :)
    Love the blog, i'm a new follower :)
    Nicolle x

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    1. thank you :)and i love your blog too - followed! Hope you had a good christmas and you have a good new year :D
      olivia x

  4. oooh I have this! The colour is gorgeous isn't it! Your photo's show it well :) I am a little annoyed that MAC stopped doing the sharpened pencil version though as that lasts longer than the new twist up Lingering one! What do you think?

    Lindsey xx


    1. yeah it is! and i never tried the sharpened pencil version, but this one does run out very quickly:(



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