BangGood Wholesalers!

collar necklace - £2.50*
bracelet - £1.25*
 4 piece brush set - £13.14*

4 piece brush set*

silver circle texture tersely bracelet*

collar necklace*
Hello lovelies!

I hope you're all well and having a lovely start to the weekend! Today's post is going to be about a new discovery of mine - BangGood.com! Which is a wholesale website based in China. They sell pretty much everything, from electricals to clothes, so they cater for basically everyone! Naturally, I headed over to the beauty section and also the jewellery section!

The first thing I got were the 4 Piece Pure Goat Hair Brush Set, and I must say they are in close competition with my Real Techniques brushes! The bristles are so soft and they wash really nicely, and there hasn't been any shredding of the hair! I love that they have a white tip so you can see when they are clean or not! They are super dense, and I love the angled brush for my foundation at the moment, and it's also amazing at blending in concealer, although I do prefer to use the tapered pointy (?) brush for that! Even though I don't own the Sigma F80 I think that the flat top brush would be a great dupe because it is super dense and great for foundation! The brush set only retails for £13.14 which is amazing for four brushes (£3.29 each!) and I'd highly recommend! Especially if you are looking for some inexpensive brushes that are of good quality too!

The second thing I got was this gorgeous Silver Circle Texture Tersely Bracelet,   which is so simple but so cute too! I'm not a massive jewellery person but I love this bracelet because it isn't over the top or too in-your-face but it just adds a little bit extra to an outfit, and also goes with everything! This bracelet is only £1.25! But it doesn't feel like it's cheap at all - it's quite weighty which makes it feel a lot more expensive that it is! I love this bracelet so much, and I think I may get the gold one!

The last thing I got was this gorgeous Collar Necklace. I've seen a few of these floating around in New Look, Topshop and Asos but seeing as the one from BangGood is only £2.50 how could anyone pass that up?! Like I said, I'm not much of a jewellery fan but this is such a statement necklace and I think it will look lovely paired with a plain t-shirt to jazz up the outfit a bit! I can't wait to wear this Collar Necklace in summer and I think it will soon be making it into my summer fashion staples! 

Despite BangGood being based in China, there is free shipping and also the products arrive quite quickly, it only took 2 weeks for mine to arrive which is very impressive seeing as I have ordered things for eBay which have been from China and it has taken over a month to arrive! I don't think I can rave about this website and it's products enough! I think my favourite product out of the things I have received would be the Brush Set! The brushes are just such good quality!

Have you tried anything from BangGood?

Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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18 comments on "
BangGood Wholesalers!
  1. I love that necklace and at £2.50 what a bargain!

    Kathryn x

  2. I love all of these products! I seriously need to check them out and those brushes look amazing! x

    Caitlin x

  3. I'll have to bear that website in mind next time im looking for something but with a cheap price tag


    1. yeah! such a good website for literally everything x

  4. The brushes look great, they look really similar to the Sigma kabukis, but the fact that they're goat hair would definitely put me off, especially if they weren't cruelty free. I really love that collar necklace!!
    Eleanor x


    1. they are! and oh yeah, im sure they are cruelty free!

  5. The brushes sound great!! I really want one of those collar necklaces too!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

    1. they are such good quality, and so is the collar necklace!x

  6. I can't wait for my banggood order to arrive! It went to my old address so I have to go pick it up next week! xx

  7. The brushes are so cheap :O im going to have to made an order they look great, and your right the website has absolutely everything for the family xx


  8. Ooh those brushes sound good, may have to check this website out! Great blog, now following :) xx

  9. Coucou,

    J'ai eu une agréable surprise en commandant sur le site Banggood. Voici ma commande : http://bellassacoramodebeaute.eklablog.fr/banggood-le-site-a-petits-prix-a106285318



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