The trick that will have your lashes going from 1 to 100 real quick.

We all want our lashes as black as our souls and as long as the list of people we hate, but some mascaras just do not deliver, instead giving us spidery, clumpy lashes - or worse, the dreaded one lash syndrome, ie mascara sticks all lashes together, cannot separate lashes, attempts to separate with mascara wand, more clumping.. You can see where this is going. This trick helps to avoid ALL of that - giving you perfect lashes all day, erryday.

You will need: tissue paper, mascara

All you have to do is use the tissue to wipe off any excess product in the mascara wand. Often how much you take off depends on the formula of the mascara: a more watery formula will need more product taken off the wand than a dry one. I prefer to sort of wiggle the brush inbetween the pieces of tissue to get almost all of the product off as then I can really build up my mascara to the fullest, but clump-free look! 

The mascara I have used is the Rimmel Wonderful Mascara as I hated it when I first got it as the wet formula led to my lashes looking awful but now I love it!

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