I finished my exams a few weeks ago and with June in full swing now I can finally ditch the revision and focus on other exciting projects! I've got a long summer this year and I'm desperate to make the most of it so I've compiled a little June To Do List involving all of my summer goals.

1. Get my blog in order
HOW long have I been saying this for now? I really want to start posting regularly (say twice a week) and summer is the perfect time for me to get into the swing of things. I also am desperate to improve my photography as I feel its really holding my blog back.

2. Declutter
I seriously need to declutter my room at home. Since being at Uni I've bought so many new things, I've got no idea how on earth they're all going to fit in my room at home. I'm going to start with taking all the clothes I don't wear to the charity shop/recycling centre - I literally have clothes from when I was about 11 years old. I also have tons of old make up lying about at home that I know I never use as I haven't taken it to Uni with me. Not to mention all my old school work and revision that will need to be recycled too! Sounds like this could follow on into July.

3. Spend time with my mum
Now that I'm at Uni, my mum is at home all on her own, rattling about in our house. Not helped by the fact all of our family live in Kent and we're up here in Manchester! I'm really going to make an effort to spend time with her this holiday and do loads of lovely Mother-Daughter activities. As well as help her around the house whenever I can

4. Do a little bit of exercise
Exercise really isn't something I do on a regular basis. I won't lie, I'm an avid walker - and a particularly fast one too. But tell me to run/swim/any other form of exercise and I will quickly refuse. However, I'm going on holiday at the end of June and want to look my best in a swimming cozzie so I'm going to take part in the 30 Day Shred again as I really enjoyed it last year!

5. Get creative with my make up and hair
This is a bit of a silly one, but I always feel in a rut with my make up! I just immediately reach for the warm toned eyeshadows, but I really want to try new products and techniques to switch it up a little bit!

So, there you have it - my June To Do List, what's on yours?

Love Olivia
10 comments on "JUNE TO DO LIST"
  1. exercising is deffo on my list too haha!! great post lovely xx


  2. Oh declutter is definitely on my list! great post xxx

  3. Congratulations on finishing your exams! I just finished my dissertation so I'm in the same boat, and a lot of my goals are the same. I really love your photography though, so let me know if you have any tips! X

    1. ah congrats to you too! Thanks so much :)))

  4. I really enjoyed the 30 day shred!!And well done on finishing your exams!
    Nicole x Nicoleannx

    1. they've taken it down on youtube so i can't do it anymore! Cries! Thank you x

  5. decluttering is one thing my flat needs and i really want to make an effort and get everything sorted. i also want to have a massive summer picnic and go strawberry picking.



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