Mini Haul: Boots, Topshop & Primark!

Shopping for friends is one of my favourite things, I just love looking at their faces when they open a present they've been looking forward to, so Christmas and birthdays are my forte. Within my friendship group, we tend not to buy each other Christmas presents because there is a large number of us (10!) but we do buy each other birthday presents!
Now this present is work-in-progress as I'm going to be collecting bits and bobs up until the 23rd Nov when it is my friends birthday! Courtney, I hope you're not reading this!;)
Jumper, Primark Mens (£10.00 - bargain!) Throw/Blanket, Primark (£5.00) Earrings, Topshop (£7.50) found here. Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil in Dark Blonde, Boots (£2.99) found here
Now not all of this is for her, the jumper and eyebrow pencil are mine. So let's start with that.
I bought this at the start of the October half term and for most the holiday I was wearing it! It's so comfy and it was such a bargain! It's so easy to style, it can be worn just with leggings as it covers your bum, or jeans, or even tucked into some shorts! It also has some really nice detailing - elbow patches, high neck!
Sorry for the slightly blurry/out of focus photo!
Looking around Primark, I am not too wowed by some of the womens jumpers, but I have been loving some of the mens and will hopefully be going back for some more! All I can say is well done Primark!
Next, the eyebrow penceil! Lots of people on youtube and blogger have been raving about this so I just had to try it out! I got mine in 'dark blonde'
It has a very creamy texture and goes on my eyebrows a dream! However I won't talk too much about it as a full review will be coming soon!
Oooh present time! Now, with me being 15 years old, you may be thinking, "Why on earth has she got her friend a throw/blanket?" Well, I am not entirely sure why she wanted one either, but that's what she asked for and I suppose it's better to get her something she actually wants, rather than something she doesn't!
I got this throw at a great price of £5.00! And it feels like it is actually really good quality! It is real soft, and a great size too!
Next thing is the earrings! Or as Topshop calls them 'ear tunnels'. I think they are for cartilage piercings, which is what she has, so hopefully she will be pleased with this!
I bought these for £7.50 but Topshop is having a really good sale on at the moment so you can get them for just £2.50!!! They are really pretty and look sooo nice! I wish I had got some for myself!
My favourite is the triangle one!
Thank you for reading, and I'd love to hear about what you have all been buying.
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Mini Haul: Boots, Topshop & Primark!
  1. I agree, the womens jumpers just aren't as great as the mens! I also bought that jumper in blue.
    So comfy! x



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