l'oreal lumi magique foundation

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so if you've been into boots recently, you will know there is currently a 2 for £15 off on l'oreal products, which is actually a really good deal! I was in boots buying my sister a new foundation, she uses the l'oreal infallible foundation and when i saw the offer i just couldn't resist. it was a bit of an impulse buy but a while ago i had looked at reviews online and it was the kind of foundation i thought i'd like but never got round to buying it!

this foundations retails for £10.99 and is available from boots/superdrug. it claims to make you appear 'lit from within' which i'm not too sure about, but does give you a really nice glow! i got mine in the shade rose pearl because the way they had laid out the shades i thought that was the lightest one but i have just been on the boots website and i'm now kicking myself because the lightest shade is rose porcelain which looks a lot more like my colour, as this one is a tad too dark for my skin, so i will probably wear it when i've fake tanned/have a real tan (who am i kidding, i don't tan at all!) anyway, this lasts a good while on my skin and doesn't look patchy/cakey. I think this is a medium coverage foundation which is good for those, very rare in my case, good skin days!

i love the packaging of this product, the rose gold pump is gorgeous! i like glass bottles because i feel that they make it feel more expensive and that little bit nicer, however i know some people don't like them because theyre not good for traveling and break easily etc, but personally i'm not too bothered!

would i repurchase?
probably not when it is at full price, although i think if i got a lighter shade i would like it a lot more!

have you tried any products from the l'oreal lumi magique range?

thank you for reading and i shall see you in my next post!


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l'oreal lumi magique foundation
  1. This looks perfect for my dry skin ! x

    1. yeah i think it would be really good for dry skin!x

  2. I was looking into this aswell my sister has the Lumi primer and its gorgeous and really illuminating as you can use it as a primer or alone to highlight areas. This does look really lovely x x

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    1. ooh i haven't tried those.. i think i will have to! it is!xx

  3. I walked past this in boots feeling really tempted to buy it, I'm definitely gonna have to buy it!x


  4. I way eyeing this product recently but didn't get it! Now at my local drugstore there is an ongoing sale so I might go and get it! Great post! :))


  5. I've heard such great reviews about this product! Definitely have to try it out!

    Love your blog, new follower :) if you have a minute, maybe check out mine and we could follow each other? Alara x x


  6. Great review lovely.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, let me know if you want to follow each other xx


  7. I have been eyeing this product! Thankyou for the review. And can I just mention how cute your blog looks ~ Following you now! :) I look forward to more blog posts!


  8. thank you and will do! you too xx

  9. I've been looking for a new foundation, and I was considering this one as I love dewy (not oily though) and glowing skin. I'm going to have a nosey in store soon!
    I'm hardly an Ivory in Rimmel products, but because Soft Beige in their concealer was laid out first, I thought it was the lightest! Grr I put it on my face when I got home and it looked orange on me!

    Perhaps you could check out my blog?
    I'm a new follower!


    Megan x

    1. that's annoying!! and would love to xx


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