L'oreal True Match Foundation / Collection Concealer / Bourjois 24 Hour Colour Edition / Benefit Bad Gal / S&G Bronzer / MAC MSF Lightscapade / Clinique Chubby Stick Wopping Watermelon 

Yes, I have no eyebrows on. What was I thinking? I was only going to the orthodontist and I went a little cray with my eye make up so I decided to skip brows to tone down the look, but I didn't realise how odd I look haha. Anyway, I have been loving my mini Chubby Stick from Glamour mag and it hasn't left my lips since i got it. So moisturising yet leaves a beautiful colour on the lips! My hair is looking a little bit like a hot mess in these pics, but I was only going to the orthodontist and I doubt she cares ;)

P.S I have gone for a cheeky Instagram filter, it was just another one of those days where you take about 1000+ photos but don't like any of them. You know what I'm talking about. (If you don't then guuurrlllll let me in on yo lil secret.)

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6 comments on "FACE OF THE DAY #8"
  1. Loving the eye make-up, I think burgundy shades go great with blue eyes! xxx

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    1. Agreed, just ordered prolong wear from mac which I'm excited to try! X


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