I don't move too far out of my comfort zone when it comes to lip products and colours. I blame this on my braces - no lipstick compliments my train tracks, instead it just ends up making me feel more self conscious! So, there won't be any burgundy lips this winter for me (well, maybe after December 10 when I will finally be free of braces!), instead I've turned to a classic nude.

90s inspired nude lips have been left, right and centre this year due to Miss Kylie Jenner.  Whether she has had fillers or not, you cannot deny her lips always look on point and are often the main focal point of her look. I have (sort of) tried to emulate this, but as you can imagine I look nothing like Miss Jenner. For my Jenner inspired lip I used Rimmel's Lip Liner in Eastend Snob and Sleek's Lipstick in Barely There. I only recently picked up the lip liner and ive actually been having a right mare with it - it keeps snapping off! I don't even wind it up very far but it just completely breaks off when ever I try to use, any tips gals? Nevertheless, it is a beautiful colour and looks perfect paired with Barely There from Sleek. They aren't a perfect match, but I like the mix of undertones.

Are you brave enough to rock a bold lip or are you sticking with me on the nude front? (ooh ar!)


6 comments on "THE NUDE LIP"
  1. I love this colour! so lovely X


  2. I did a post on this lipliner a while back, I love it so much! I like to use Rimmel Kate 08 lipstick with it though, it's gorgeous! x

  3. I think we are all inspired by Kylie Jenner haha, i would love to achieve her nude lip look. Love this look, you look great!


  4. Love this post, really made me chuckle! I'm trying to be braver with lipsticks this year... We'll see how that goes 😳 you look gorge as usual :) x


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