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Another year is here and this time I'm determined to stick to my goals and resolutions.

2014 has been good to me and I'm hoping that will be reciprocated in 2015 and for years after. I'm going into the New Year with positive thinking (although I have mock exams when I go back to Sixth Form which could change all of that) and with a few tangible goals, which include:

1. Stay healthy
I'm not usually unhealthy but I do occasionally binge on chocolate, sweets, crisps and I love a McDonalds once in a blue moon. Then again, I'm not super healthy; I don't eat salads everyday nor do I own a gym membership. The reason I have said 'stay healthy' instead of 'become healthy' or 'get fit' is that I actually do feel healthy and I want that to continue but with a few less packets of crisps!

2. Wear what I want
I feel like this applies to make up especially. I sometimes feel like I wear too much just because my friends aren't as interested with make up, but it is just something I enjoy!! I can't help it, I just get carried away haha. I think I've found my ultimate naturalish false lash (Eyelure's 70 lashes if you're wondering) which I want to stock up on so I can wear them whenever I want.

3. Work hard
This applies to both sixth form and on my blog. As I mentioned I have mocks in Biology and Chemistry as soon as I go back to Sixth Form and I haven't done as much revision as I'd like to. Of course, I've done a few past papers but some things I'm just not that confident on. I feel as though I need to stop beating myself up about it though haha. I also need to start getting into a good blogging routine so I can upload more posts. 2015 will be the year when I get a post up every week - I PROMISE! 

4. Be more helpful
Particularly around the house. As it's just me and my mum in my house most of the time, I really should be helping her a lot more so she doesn't feel as though she's on her own. 

5. Finish my Wreck This Journal
I recieved one for Christmas and it so good! I've only done a few pages so far, but I shall finish it later this year! It's such a unique idea and allows you to be very creative.

6. Read more books
I love books but feel as though I never have time to read them, but the reality is that I do have enough time I'm just always on my phone! My boyfriend bought me Peyton Place for Christmas, after I enjoyed Valley of the Dolls so much, which I shall be starting tonight!

I hope y'all had a brill New Year and I hope 2015 brings you all you could wish for.


5 comments on "NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS"
  1. Great resolutions! One of mine is to read more books also! x


    1. Thanks! Which books are you planning on reading? X

  2. I know what you mean about feeling like you're wearing too much makeup :( You always look amazing though!! And I'm sure you're mocks won't go too badly, they can't go much worse than mine... :| xxxx

    1. your mocks*... and we go to grammar school

    2. Aw thank you rach! We will have to wait and see about mocks!:') not going to lie I haven't done any work in so long that I wouldn't have even noticed that mistake :')


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