I've been in need of a good pair of boots for what seems like an eternity so I made the most of the 20% off student discount at ASOS. These Roxy Chelsea Boots were just what I was looking for as they have a chunky heel that add a little bit of height and have got me up to 5'5" (not quite VS model worthy but I'll take it). Despite the mini heel, they are still very comfy and I would happily wear them everyday if I wanted to.They have sort of a rubbery material to them which does mean that any marks/scuffs can show up on them quite easily. They're black so they go with basically everything in my wardrobe! I think these will be perfect for smart-casual house parties sort of thang, but also for when I'm just running errands or shopping. They are only £35 (£27 with discount) which I think is an absolute bargain, I would definitely snap them up quickly if you want them!

I've seen a few people with these boots in sixth form but I'm not too bothered as I'm only planning on wearing them out on the weekends.

Do you like these boots?

5 comments on "NEW BOOTS"
  1. These are so pretty! I treated myself to a similar lace up pair in the sale after Christmas xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. Adore these! Feel like this is what my shoedrobe needs! x

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  4. I need those boots in my life!! xox


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