I have started 2016 as I mean to go on, being a little bit naughty by handing over quite a bit of $$ to the lovely people in Boots. In saying that, I did justify every purchase with a valid reason, valid being used very loosely here as I'm not sure that "treat yo' self" is the best justification by any means.
 Anywho, the damage has been done so I thought why not share it with you all. I'll start off with one of my most favourite purchase, the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (£19.50), I've been lusting over this product for far too long now and as soon as I saw it was in stock in Space NK I knew I needed it. I even paid £5 for shipping. (Yes, £5!!!) Although I haven't had this product for very long, I have been really liking it and will probably do a review very soon! Another one of favourite purchase has to be the MAC Prep and Prime 24 Hour Extend Eye Base (£16), I have just recently written a post on this explaining why I love it. In short, it's great and I definitely prefer it to their paint pots! I also purchased three nail polishes, one was one of the new Barry M Sunset Nail Paint (£4.99) but I haven't got much use out of this as I didn't realise you needed the top coat with it to see the full effect. The other two nail polishes are from Urban Outfitters which I only bought to get the total in my bag up to get free delivery (we've all been there.. admit it). Even so, the nude shade is really pretty and almost a terracotta colour which I think will look very apt as we move into Spring. The other is a glitter polish which seems a bit poo, I'm sure I'll still get some use out of it though. After buying the Morphe 35P palette I really wanted a purple base to make the eyeshadows pop even more, so I got the Barry M Bold Waterproof Liner in Purple (£3.99) on a bit of a whim but I could not believe how beautiful this product is! It's lovely and creamy and lasts such a long time, I could not recommend this product enough. I'm definitely going to be making another trip to Boots to pick up a few more shades from the range. Two skincare items I purchased included the Body Shop Hemp Face Protector (£8) and the Una Brennan Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil (£10.99). I hoped these two would help the dry skin on my face as I suffer with eczema, however I felt like they made it much worse! It's such a shame as the Una Brennan Super Facialist Cleanser felt so lovely on the skin and removed make up in a flash! I may try them again after my eczema has cleared up but I am a little scared it could cause it to flare up again.
That wraps up my haul post! Have you had a cheeky splurge recently?
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  1. Such a shame the Una Brennan didn't help your skin, it sounds like such a lovely product to use. Those UO nail polishes look lovely, especially the nude shade.

    Kelly Knows It | A lifestyle blog

  2. Ooooh that Laura Mercier powder sounds magical! WHat is it like?!



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