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Hey guys. Long time no see, huh? It's been a while. As much as I'd love to say I'm back for good and shall be posting more regularly, I can't. My life has been pretty busy as of late and I can't say that's going to change. However, I'm really gonna try and make this work!

As the title suggests, the topic of this post will be all about A level results and the daunting task that is heading off to University! Whether you've just got your results and are planning the 7 day bender that is freshers. Or your uni days feel like a life time ago, I'm hoping you both can still enjoy this post. I'm the former, after collecting my results on the 18th (3A*s, don't you know?) I've been very much looking forward to arriving to my flat later on this month. I'm going to be studying Dentistry and the University of Sheffield and couldn't be more chuffed with myself to be very honest. My exams felt like they went bloody awful and I was pooing myself on the morning of results. However, all is well.

I actually haven't bought much for Uni yet which is making me feel very unprepared. I'm thinking of bringing most things from home like plates, bowls, bedding etc etc. It's very nerve racking, isn't it? You can probably tell I'm nervous from my erratic, no structure prose in this post. If only to be as organised as the picture I've used suggests. Actually, I've just come across The Organised Student on Pinterest and think they're bloody fab. They've even got me googling desk organiser.

I'm hoping to do an updated post re university when I'm there (if I survive) and hopefully maybe have a series on it. If anyone is looking to go to university or is doing A levels at the moment and has any questions, I'd love to help.

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