Nights out are great, right? Until you realise you've forgetten your ID, debit card or even worse - eyelash glue!!! For this reason, I have compiled a checklist of all the things you should be stuffing in your tiny clutch for a night on the toon.

Phone - goes without saying. How else are you going to remember your night out without the hilarious/hideous photos on your camera roll. Or if you're like me, the double chinned selfie posted on your snapchat story.

Keys - even if you're on the pull and plan on going home with someone else - always bring your keys! It could go tits up (not in a good way).

Money/debit card - for when you're feeling generous and decide to get the next round.. again.

ID - depending on your age and if you have a baby face like me, this one is probably optional.

Eyelash glue - as mentioned before, this is an absolute essential. You can't be walking round with a wonky eyelash or with one half way down your cheek. Also there's no greater feeling than offering your tiny vial of glue to a girl in need in the loos.

Perfume - if you don't fancy buying a spray from the 'no Armani, no punani' toilet attendant, it's best to bring your own perfume. Realistically, you don't want to be carrying a whole bottle round all night so it's good to invest in a Traval O mini refillable one.

Lipstick - there's nothing worse than getting a drink with no straw and having all of your lippy disappear within 2 minutes of arrival, so make sure you bring your favourite lip product with you for a cheeky top up in the ladies. Preferably bring a nude so you don't end up leaving the club looking like the Joker.

Powder & Brush - so you don't look like a sweaty mess. Enough said.

I'd love to hear what your essentials are on a night out!

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