Bang Good Haul

Blush Palette - £4.82*
Eye/Lip Liners - £3.31*
24pc Brush Set - £10.81*
All from BangGood.com

Hello everyone! Today I have a small haul for you consisting only of products from BangGood.com. If you haven't heard of BangGood.com it is a wholesalers website based in China. I did a post on them back in July (here) and I absolutely loved the products, so when they got in touch with me again and asked if I'd like to try out some more, I was over the moon!

The first thing I received is this Blush Palette with 10 blush shades in it. When it first arrived I was worried that it might have smashed in transit but luckily it hadn't! The packaging is very sleek but also sturdy which is a bonus as it doesn't feel cheap, despite being unbranded and only £4.82! The blushes themselves are really good quality and there is a range of different colours in the palette; from oranges to baby pinks to fuchsias. The picture doesn't quite give the shades justice as it's not picking up the vibrancy of some of the colours! The majority of the shades are shimmery but there are a couple of matte shades, both kinds are so pigmented and you have to have a very light hand when applying (I learnt this the hard way). I'm not really a blush kinda girl but I've really been loving all the colours in this Blush Palette recently. If you want to experiment with blusher, like me, then this Palette would be great as it doesn't break the bank and has a wide range of colours to use. 

The next thing I received is a set of Eye & Lip Liner Pencils. They are from the brand Me Now which I've never heard of before but if the quality of their liners is anything to go by, I think I shall like them! I don't own many lip liners so this product is great for me! There is such a range of different colours within the pack. I would say there are more lip liners than eye liners because in the pack of 12 there is a black and a brown and the rest are pinky/red/orangey type shades which I would be more inclined to use on my lips rather than my eyes. The Liners are so creamy and very pigmented. I would recommend putting a balm on underneath the lip liner so it blends a bit better. My only concern about these are that the colours on the end of the pencil are a bit deceiving; I thought a dark red was a black but I got quite the shock when it came out quite bright on my eye lid! Now that I am more familiar with the colours, this hasn't happened since! This pack of 12 Eye/Lip Liners retails for £3.31 which is less than 28p per pencil! 

The final, and probably my favourite thing that I received is this 24 pc Brush Set. It comes with a pink, leather look brush wrap/holder and as you can see the brushes are individually wrapped in plastic so that they didn't get damaged whilst being delivered. All the brushes are synthetic and have a cute pink handle and pink hairs. I'm not a massive fan of pink but I do like a bit here. If pink isn't for you then they have ones with black or brown handles/hairs. All the brushes haven't been shown in the pictures, but my favourite one (not pictured) is a mini version of the big fan brush; it's not very dense so it never puts too much product on to your face! The 24pc Brush Set is £10.81, which is amazing value per brush.

Overall, I am very pleased with these products! I would definitely recommend BangGood.com if you ever looking to buy.. er.. anything really; their stock varies from gardening to electronics to clothes! Despite being based in China, the shipping is free and mine arrived within a week!

Have you tried anything from BangGood.com?


*pr sample
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Bang Good Haul
  1. This looks amazing! I love the look of the eyeliners and the make-up brushes! So good!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  2. What a fun blush palette, and how nice it is to have so many makeup brushes to use! :)


  3. Love the look of the brushes, all those for that price! Brilliant! x


  4. The pack of lip liners look great. I'd like to see swatches. I hardly own any lipliners so these might be something Id really use.

    1. i will try and do a post with swatches soon :)

  5. What lovely picks! I love the lip liners, you've got some great shades in there.

    Lindsey. x

  6. The blush palette looks great for every day !!!


    Natassa xxx

  7. Wow, the price of the brush collection is fantastic, sounds like a great product! A really dependable review.
    Great Blog + Posts :)


  8. Wow great haul and so cheap! I will definitely be checking them out, would you recommend the quality?

    Lovely blog by the way :)



    1. definitely!! the brown bristles brushes shed a little but thats all :) x

  9. oh my god so cheap! those cosmetic pencils look awesome

    ordaining serendipity

  10. I'm totally going to get some of those lip pencils, I need some lip liners as i've recently got into lipsticks and the variety of colours will be great!



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