Favourite Contouring Brushes ft. Eco Tools, Real Techniques, MAC

Eco Tools Contouring Brush (part of set)
Real Techniques Contour Brush (part of Core Collection)
Unbranded Angled Contour Brush* (part of set)
MAC 168 brush 

ECO TOOLS CONTOURING BRUSH - TK Maxx (available here)
I bought this brush in a 4 piece brush set from TK Maxx a while ago, and shared the 4 brushes with my friend because we both wanted them but there was only one pack. It was around £7ish but online it's £17.44, so I'd definitely check out your local TK Maxx if you're looking into buying it! This is essentially just a fat version of the Contour Brush from Real Techniques. It adds more product that the RT version so it easy to go a bit overboard but blends it out so seamlessly and looks so subtle and natural. 

Part of the Core Collection, the Contour Brush from Real Techniques is amazing at creating an accurate contour. It is quite dense so it can also pick up a bit too much product (especially with the Sleek Contour Kit) but you just have to have a light hand! That being said, I find this the best brush for using with my Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer because for me that has barely any colour pay off, but with this brush it picks up a good amount! The Core Collection is quite pricey at £20.99 but you also get 3 other great quality brushes! I have a post here all about them!

Again, this is just the fat and more dense version of the next brush, the MAC 168. This is also part of a 4 piece brush set from BangGood which I have also done a post on here. This brush is a real multi-tasker, it's great for buffing in foundation and any type of cream product. The angled edge makes it easy to get right under my (non existent) cheek bones and the denseness (is that a word? If not, it is now) really helps to create a strong contour, whilst still buffing it out making it appear seamless.

MAC 168 BRUSH - Selfridges
This brush is a little pricey at almost £30 but it is definitely my favourite brush that I own! It's so delicate and places just the right amount of product on your face. This is definitely one for people, like me, who sometimes forget how much of a light hand they might need! Although mine is dirty, the hairs wash really well and come out white. This is also a multi-tasker for powder products, I use it with my face powder, blush, contour! I really want to find a dupe for this brush as it is so beautiful but pretty pricey!

What are your favourite contour brushes?


*pr sample
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Favourite Contouring Brushes ft. Eco Tools, Real Techniques, MAC
  1. I really want to get the Real Techniques one, I hears it's amazing! The unbranded one looks pretty great as well xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  2. I might ask for that MAC brush for Christmas, I loves me a bit of contouring!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  3. i find the angled ones don't work for my contour so i need to try that real techniques one!

    beauty about town ♡

  4. I have the Mac one and love it, managed to get it in a blog sale for about £12 and it's one of the best brushes i have!x

  5. I love that RT brush! It's one of my favorites. I hope you'll have a chance and stop by my blog. All about Beauty. Life. and DIY. If you ever have an OTD, LOTD, hair or nail tutorial, or a fun fashion DIY, I'd love for you to share it at "That's my Style" Link party TOMORROW (every Friday). Don't have anything to share? Stop by anyway for beauty tutorial and fun DIY projects. Hope to see you there. :)

    Karla @ www.MySerendipitousLife.com

  6. I really want the mac 168 brush its on my current wish list but for now the RT one is doing fine :D great post xxx


  7. I love hauling contouring brushes! I too love the Real Techniques Contour brush but also have a really good one by Bdellium Tools that works a treat. Would love to try a Mac one in the near future xx


  8. Oh really cute brushes, I have the same brush from Ecotools.
    Thanks for share your favs brushes, Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´ I hope your follow me back in both. And...

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  9. I keep hearing lots of great things from Real Techniques Brushes. I might have to invest in some! Thanks for such a great review of contouring brushes btw!

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

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    Katherine Unique

  11. I love this post, I find contour brushes to be some of the hardest to choose as certain shapes work really well and others don't. I really want to try the MAC one but it is pretty pricey! I might check out the Real Techniques one as that's much cheaper.

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

  12. I've been wanting the Real Techniques brushes for the longest time! I've read SO many great reviews on them! And thank you for the comment on my blog :) I'm following you too!

  13. I absolutely love contouring its my fave step of doing my makeup! This is an awesome post, I would especially love to try the Mac 168!

    I'm a new follower, would love if you have a minute to check out mine!



  14. We all love the RT brushes!
    I am your newest follower on GFC and bloglovin!


  15. I love my Real Techniques one and never intended to try others but you've nicely persuaded me to try out the MAC and Eco Tools.xx

  16. The Real Techniques brush is FANTASTIC for contouring! I don't know what I will do without it! I've been so tempted to make the splurge for Mac Brushes...might do so in the future...
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup


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