Battle Of The Cut Out Boots


I have been seeing more and more of these cut out style boots cropping up, whether it be on blogs, in shops, or on actual people. Okay, so the title is a tad dramatic but still, I have no idea which ones to go for! I've been looking for a pair for a while after seeing the Topshop Arabel boots on Lily Melrose's blog a few months ago. I wasn't prepared to pay £70 odd, even though I knew I'd get so much wear out of them and they'd be amazing quality, I just didn't have that kind of money to spend! Since then I've been on the hunt for a cheap-ish pair, and these are my top 3. First up are the TOPSHOP MAJESTIC BOOTS. I like a flat heel so they aren't too clompy so these definitely fit that requirement. I really like these but they just seem too.. plain?! I don't know what it is about them. They are 100% leather and retail for £45 so not bad in my opinion! Next up is another one from Topshop, the TOPSHOP MADAM BOOTS. I first saw these on Lydia from FashionInFlux's blog (which I love) and instantly wanted them! I don't know if they'll be too cut-outy for winter, so they won't keep my feet warm, if you get me? But I still adore them! They're around £38 which again is pretty amazing for Topshop! Next up is a pair from H&M. On the website they say they are online exclusive which I'm pretty annoyed about as I'd like to try them on but still these are soooo pretty! I'm not too sure if they'd be too clompy though? But I do like the buckles on this pair! Again being around the £40 they're definitely a bargain! These are also 100% leather too. 

I'm really not sure which pair to get, what do you think? 


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Battle Of The Cut Out Boots
  1. Ahh I love Madams, I bought them and did a post on them the other day. So comfortable! :)

    Ellis xo

  2. love the second pair! wish i could afford topshop shoes x

  3. I love these! really want to get some I've seen another pair in topshop which I love but I don't think it will make my purse to happy if I buy them! xx


  4. They have great pairs in New Look for around 25! :)


  5. I love the first and last pair! The middle pair are really different though, not see anything like them before!
    zozeze.com x

  6. I like the second pair best but I agree your feet would be cold and rain would be an issue! So I would say the third ones :)

    Isabella (@isabellamaria88)



  7. I definitely love the H&M ones out of them all, they look so sleek! :)


  8. Majestic are my favourite!


  9. I like the Topshop Majestic Boots are my favourite.

  10. I really like the third pair, they're so nice :)


  11. The first pair of topshop boots look lovely! I don't think I'd be able to cope with the cut out boots! x


  12. I am dying to get some of these. Love the H&M ones! May just have to invest :)

    Alice x

  13. I am literally in Love with cut out boots atm! They look so cool with tights as well so they will work well into winter!


  14. The middle ones for sure!!



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