Topshop Glow Highlighter in Gleam Review


Highlighters are a defo must have in autumn/winter for me. My skin looks a little worse for wear, dull and in desperate need of a little sun. That is when this little beauty comes in, a shimmery, sheeny bronze cream highlighter which instantly brightens your complexion. At first I thought I wouldn't like this as it could have looked a little orangey on my awfully pale skin, however it doesn't add too much of a bronzey glow, just enough to give your skin that healthy glow which it can sometimes lack during the colder months.

In terms of staying power, this is pretty good. It is very creamy so I was surprised that it lasted pretty much all day, although we have been having some warmer weather so it has been fading a lot quicker but luckily it fades very naturally and doesn't go patchy or weird.

For the price, this is definitely something to have a look at when you're next in Topshop. I've got my eye on the other shade of this (Polish) which is an icy, cooler version!

Do you like the look of this?

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Topshop Glow Highlighter in Gleam Review
  1. this looks absolutely stunning, great way to brighten dull, winter worn skin! bet it looks great as an eyeshadow too! x

  2. Love the shade of this, it sounds amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. I've had my eye on this for a while, great review!

  4. this looks lovely, such a nice colour! x


  5. that reminds me to find my highlighter forgot about it. I love the look of Topshop make up I wish my whole make up bag was full of it! I need to try some as I've only got 1 lip pencil thing x

  6. This looks so pretty! I'm on the lookout for some new highlighters to add to my collection and I definitely think this'll be one of them :) xx


  7. It looks pretty and very femminine, perfect for a natural and a little bit shining look!
    Clo XX


  8. I'm on the patroll for a highlighter but i'm not sure where to get one from as the drugstores don't seem to have many nowadays, will have to give this a shot! I love topshop x


  9. This is so stunning, love the bronze sheen it gives! will definitely check it out as I've heard topshop makeup is great.


  10. I've just ran out of benefits sun beam & this sounds like it might be a lovely alternative! Ill definitely have to have a nosey next time I'm in topshop. Thanks for sharing!xxx


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