january empties

hey guys!
so, today i thought i'd do an empties post seeing as i have accumulated quite a few products. Admittedly, i haven't only just finished these in the month of january, many i finished back in november, but i've been saving them up in a little bag just for this post!

aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor and luscious long deep conditioner
I love these 2 conditioners! I usually use them about once a week, and generally leave it on for 5-10 mins for extra moisture! I definitely saw a difference in how smooth and not as damaged by hair was when using this! I got it on offer for 3 for 10 on aussie products in boots, and seeing as they are around 4.99 each anyway, i was basically getting one free!
would i repurchase?
impulse body spray
I usually use this after sport in school to freshen up, this isn't really my favourite scent, but it's nice to spritz on after pe!
would i repurchase?
probably not, i have quite a few body sprays i need to use up!
soap and glory clean on me shower gel
this is so nice. the smell is gorgeous, and lasts well on the skin! it lathers up nicely and makes your skin feel so smooth! i got this as a minutare in a gift set and actually lasts quite well considering the amount that is in there!
would i repurchase?
garnier essentials moisturiser
this is a really nice, basic moisturiser, it didn't really have a scent, which is nice and gave my skin the moisture it need to and didn't break me out!
would i repurchase?
No, i have quite a few moisturisers i need to get through.
coco chanel perfume
my mum gave me this perfume quite a while ago, and i have only just almost finished it! it lasts for ages! this is such a gorgeous smelling perfume, as are all chanel perfumes. as you may be able to see, it isn't completely empty, but i really don't want to finish this bottle!
would i repurchase?
definitely, although it is on the pricey side.
rimmel stay matte powder
this powder is very popular among bloggers and i can see why! It doesn't look cakey or stick to dry patches! It just mattifies you skin! amazing!
would i repurchase?
collection pressed powder this can make me look a tad washed out and really pale! compared to rimmel stay matte it is close in quality, but i prefer the rimmel one!
would i repurchase>
not when i have my trusty rimmel stay matte by my side!
maybelline dream matte mousse
this is a favourite of many people, and it used to be mine a long time ago! before i discovered liquid foundation and how to apply it properly.
would i repurchase this?
not really!
revlon photoready foundation
when i first bought this i really didn't like it, but i revisited it quite recently and fell in love with it! it had a gorgeous dewy finish without making you appear cakey!
would i repurchase it?
gosh eyebrow pen
this eyebrow pen is a bit of an iffy product with me. when you first put it on it looks really nice on your eyebrows, but within a few hours it begins to go green! yes, GREEN! it isn't a good look, believe me.
would i repurchase this?
So, they are my january empties for you all!
hope you're all well!
Olivia x
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23 comments on "january empties"
  1. I adore the Rimmel stay matte powder! Don't think i'll use another again!

    -Lucy xox

  2. Can't beat the Aussie haircare range, nor Soap and Glory! Very interesting about the eyebrow pen going green though x

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    1. okay thank you, i shall put one of your buttons onto my blog x

  4. 3 minute miracle is my all-time fave hair treatment! Wow-it's not every month I go through a big bottle of Chanel, you must use a lot haha :-)



    1. same! and me neither that would be crazy- this was my mums before it was mine, and ive had it for quite a while, but i finished it in january haha! x

  5. Thank you so much for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on gfc and bloglovin #8.

  6. I could never finish a whole bottle of perfume...that's intense!

    Steph // giveaway!! fun size beauty

    1. me neither - not in a month anyway! i got it a while ago xo

  7. i use to love dream matte mousse back in the day! great post :)


  8. I love empties posts, this is such a great one, I'm using the new Aussie Shine Mask and really loving it.

    I just followed your blog, Id love it if you took a second to check out mine :)


    Lauren xx

    1. thank you and ooh might check that out!
      and of course xo

  9. Nice products!!! thank you so much for your visit!
    I follow you with GFC and Bloglovin!
    Have a wonderful weekend! and my like in bloglovin for you too...

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  10. I love the Aussie deep conditioners, they smell delicious too!xx

    1. they do! new holy grail product for me! xx

  11. Nice blog :)
    Following you on twitter !


    Coline !

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  13. I love Collection 2000 Pressed Powder and in fact mine's just finished too! How weird haha!


    Caitlin X


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