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Seeing as it is getting closer to Spring/Summer (yeah, i know saying it's near summer is a bit ambitious and that January is nowhere near summer but i am sick of all the rain and just want it to be summer!) I thought i'd do my personal fake tan essentials!

St Moriz Tanning Lotion
Dirty Works Body Scrub
Garnier Summer Body
Piz Buin Summer Sensation
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
Soap & Glory Flake Away

These are what i'd use for pre/post tanning. The Dirty Works Body Scrub is a not a harsh body scrub as the Soap & Glory one, so if I want exfoliate more often i would use this one instead of the Soap & Glory one, which is really good but can be a bit too harsh if used too often.

The Soap & Glory Righteous Butter is a really moisturising butter which sinks in quite quickly and smells delicious! I would use this the night before tanning, as it could be quite oily if you used it just before.

I like to use instant fake tans like the St Moriz (which retails for around £2.99) mousse or lotion on my body, and gradual tan like Garnier Summer body (around £5) and Piz Buin (£2.99) on my face, as i think it isn't as drying and looks more natural!

So I know it's a bit early to start talking about fake tanning regimes and essentials etc. but i thought i'd do it a bit early! ha ha!

Hope you enjoyed reading - comment your fave fake tan products down below!

Olivia x
4 comments on "fake tanning essentials"
  1. I'm really intrigued to read more about the Piz Buin gradual self tan. I've tried many in the past and have only ever really got on with Palmers gradual tanning moisturiser. Perhaps you could do a before/after use when the weather gets a little warmer? x


  2. I try fake tans every summer but none of them turns out to be really good. They don't give a natural look. Hope this works!

  3. This is a very biggest problem these days. Cosmetics are coming with fake brands.The worst thing is its very difficult to judge whether its fake or original from the packing.


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