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Hello my lovelies!
I present you with a HAUL! And quite a big one too! I've bought these things over that past couple of days and i thought i'd share with you what i've bought.

Miranda Hart: Is It Just Me? £10.00 - Waterstones
Chloe Sims: The Only Way Is Up £7.50 - Waterstones
Soap & Glory Bright Here, Bright Now £7.50 - boots
Bourjois Bronzing Powder £4.99 - boots
Angelica Nail Polish £2.50 (doesn't have a colour) - Primark
Kate Moss Lipstick 01 £5.49- boots
Wedges £14.00- newlook, not online though
Green 7/8th Jeans £15.00 - topshop, not online though
Crop Top £7.99 - new look

I bought these two books when i was just wondering round my local shopping center! They were both half price so "Miranda Hart: Is it just me?" was £10.00 and "Chloe Sims: The Only Way Is Up" was only £7.50 (BARGAIN!)

I have started reading Miranda Harts' book first, and it so hilarious! Oh my gosh! I actually cannot put it down!

I haven't yet started Chloe Sims' but i intend to when i finish Miranda Harts'.

This brightening moisturiser from Soap & Glory was on offer in boots for only £7.50 (Another bargain!) So i decided to get it! So far, it has served it's purpose well, i either use it under my foundation to brighten and moisturise my skin. But if i don't want to wear anything on my skin, it's a good thing to have to brighten it up a bit! It will be perfect for when i go back to school soon. (cry)

I snapped up this bronzer for a cheeky £4.99 (yet another bargain.. i'm beginning to see a pattern.)

It smells delicious but the scent is not too heavy which is good. The downside to this bronzer, i find, is that i have to almost 'scrub' my brush in it to try and pick up any product, and when i do, it doesn't transfer well onto my skin. However when i finally build up the colour it gives a really nice, natural glow.

I bought this nail polish just before Christmas and ive been wearing it pretty much ever since! It's really pretty over black or nude nail polish. I think it was around £2.50 from Primark.

I'm not really a lipstick girl, but when i saw these lipsticks by kate moss in boots, i just had to have one. I picked up the colour 01, which is a dark red and is so nice, especially for the price of £5.49.

I won't say too much as there shall be a blog post coming soon.

I am incredibly sorry for how dirty these shoes are, i wore them to a NYE party and we went out side for the countdown, and with thanks to a bit of alcohol and bumpy ground they got a tad muddy.
I got these from Newlook for £14, reduced from £25 (another bargain.. i don't know about you, but i am not complaining!)

I LOVE these jeans! They are 7/8ths, but because of my incredibly short and stumpy legs, they are about normal size. I got these in the topshop sale for only £15, when they were meant to be £30 (you can never have too many bargains!)

This textured crop top was only £7.99 from Newlook, and it is really nice. It's not really cropped so you can only wear it with highwaisted things, it is just a bit longer than that, which is the length i prefer!

Thank you so much for reading! Don't forget to comment down below if you have snapped up any bargains! Or if you have bought anything nice!

Olivia x
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  1. Hi Olivia your blogs lovely! I love miranda I really need to read that book.Soon.
    Becky from bluebellelovely.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  2. I also tried the Bourjois Bronzer and its not very pigmented at all, I use the sun tint bronzing powder by Natural Collection in Sunshine and its a really pretty colour. You don't need much on the brush and has a shear tone to it so it acts as a highlight in some lights too.

    1. I know, it's such a shame! And oooh i may have to try that out! Sounds really good!

  3. I enjoyed this blog post. It was good :) xxx

  4. Aw I really love your shoes! Love your blog! X


  5. Love the nail polish colour! And I have those wedges, they are sooo comfy, I call them my trusty wedges ha!
    lovefromsammie.blogspot.com xo

    1. It's so pretty isn't it! And oh my gosh they are!!
      love your blog! xxx

  6. You got some really lovely stuff, love the shoes!


  7. I almost brought Mirandas book this morn... but didn't?? Is it good? lol xx http://joshdetheridge.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. ahh you should have done! it is sooo funny!


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