my favourite perfumes!

Hey guys!
i hope you're all having a good day! Today I thought i'd share with you my current favourite perfumes that i've found myself reaching for the most!

right: beyonce pulse perfume
left: ralph lauren the big pony collection 2

These perfumes are very different, the beyonce one is more light and sweet, whereas the ralph lauren one is quite fruity and citrus-y! They are really nice for just everyday wear! I think the beyonce one is around £25 and the ralph lauren one is around £40, quite a big price different and i would say my fave is the beyonce one!
I love both though!
What are your favourite perfumes for spring?

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!
Olivia x
8 comments on "my favourite perfumes!"
  1. i have the beyonce perfume, smells so lush!

  2. The Ralph Lauren one smells so gorgeous and fruity! :)

    http://thebritishteen.blogspot.co.uk ~ Heidi x

  3. I love Miss Dior Cherie for the springtime.

    1. i had a small sample of that last year and loved it!


  4. The Beyonce one was free a few month ago if you subscribed to Glamour magazine, I was so tempted! x


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