(late) february favourites

Hey guys!

Sorry this post is a little late, i have just been a tad busy recently, and i've actually been having a social life.. haha. On friday i went to pizza express for my friend's birthday meal and then on saturday i went to her surprise birthday party, arranged by her boy friend (so cute!) and i had a great time.Anyway, on with the favourties..

beauty favourites

 rimmel lasting finish nail polish in sweet as sugar & barry m gelly nail paint in prickly pear
during the month of february i have been loving pastel coloured nails, especially these two. due to still being in high school (and my excessively strict form tutor who says 'let me see everyone's nails' religiously every morning - he even checks boys nails) i'm not allowed to wear nail polish during the week but as soon as i get home on school on fridays, the first thing i do is paint my nails. i have a more detailed post on the barry m gelly nail paint which you can see here but it is basically just a really gorgeous pale purple-y lilac colour perfect for spring/summer! the rimmel lasting finish nail polish in sweet as sugar is also a gorgeous pastel colour but a lovely baby blue colour, also perfect for spring/summer and it goes beautifully with the gorg weather we've been having in manchester, and all over the UK, lately.


real techniques contour brush & maybelline dream touch blush
as many other beauty bloggers, i adore the real techniques brushes (i've done a blog post on them if you want to check it out here) i have been especially loving this brush. it's amazing for contouring with cream/powder products! it's also really good for blending in concealer to large areas! i just love it. i also have been using it with cream blushes and my favourite cream blush in february was the maybelline dream touch blush in apricot! it's a lovely corally colour. i sometimes like to use it as a bit of a highlighter too. its a gorgeous consistency and goes on like a dream. for a cream blush, it actually lasts pretty well on my skin, however it summer i'm not sure if it will be as long lasting.. but for now its perfect.


mua undressed palette 
 i also have a more detailed post on this with swatches and all my views (check it out here) this was super cheap and such good value for money. it has been compared to the urban decay naked palette, which i don't have so i'm not able to compare. there are a couple of matte colours, but i think the shimmery ones are more pigmented and last better on my lids.


 GOSH make up primer
i've actually had this for quite a while (probably longer than i should) which explains the lack of the lid, as lids just tend to go missing in my make up bag. anyway, my skin hasn't been great and it's been a bit rough, but putting this on my skin before make up really helps to make my make up go on a lot smoother and maybe last a bit longer. if you'd like a more in detail post on this just comment below!

non beauty favourites

film and music

this is a bit of a 2-in-1, i have been loving the submarine soundtrack, which is actually only 5 songs but they are so amazing, and amazingly used. they are all sung and written by alex turner, who is the lead singer/guitarist for the arctic monkeys! and i have also been loving the film. it was on tv a while ago and i recorded it and it soon became my favourite film. it's so cute but so funny in a non funny way, but not taking the mick sort of way (that doesn't even make sense to me) i won't say anymore, just in case you haven't seen it.


home ware

i adore these cute cath kidston mugs from john lewis. they are so cute and i love the print on them. my favourite is the blue one. they just make me want to drink tea all day, which i really can't as i already drink too much! they also hold so much, im not sure of the exact capacity but it's so much more than normal, which is something i love! i also think tanya burr may have the blue one haha!

so, that is the end of my feb faves! thank you for reading, don't forget to comment me with your february favourites!


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36 comments on "
(late) february favourites
  1. I NEED to get a MUA eye shadow palette, I've seen so many people talking about them now! And I love submarine, great post!x


    1. yes you do, its amazing! woo thank you xx

  2. I completely forget about the maybelline blush!, great post


    Gemma x

  3. I'm dying to try one of the barry m gelly hi shine polishes! Love this colour
    - Katarina xxxx

  4. Seriously, I need to hurry up and buy the RT Core Collection as I need this contouring brush in my life asap x


  5. i always find it difficult to build up an opaque layer of the rimmel varnish!


  6. Great products hun! I love this brush so much and I agree - it definitely works great for countering! :)) And the blush looks like such a lovely shade!


  7. I have that blush but in a different shade and I can't believe you're not aloud to wear nail polish in school :o

    http://thebritishteen.blogspot.co.uk - heidi x

  8. Lovely picks. I really want to try out the MUA palette, it looks really nice :) x

  9. The Rimmel nail polish is a gorgeous shade and perfect for spring! I've been wanting to try some Real Technique Brushes after hearing so much rave about them and they're a great price!


  10. tea always tastes better in a cath kidston cup!!!! and I am wearing that Barry M shade right now, LOVE IT! Great post sweet :)


    1. agreed, ahhh i love them! oooh! thank you!xx

  11. Love the colour of the rimmel nail polish. Especially coming into the spring!


  12. that barry m nail varnish is so pretty! been lusting after that colour for ages x

  13. This is so cute I love the rimmel london polish.

    I put your button on my blog!

    Mia xoxo


  14. My MUA palette has almost ran out (the shades I use) need to get a new one.
    I also need to get a new phone, my scroll on my BB has deccided to disrespect me haha

    I love the Barry M nail varnish, lovely colour!

    UK High Street Fashion

  15. I love the barry m nail polish, such a beautiful colour :) The Cath Kidston mugs are gorgeous as well :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  16. I really want to try the gelly barry m polishes! I've seen them on a few blogs and love the finish of them xx


  17. the mugs are so lovely! <3


  18. i love the barry m polish. i have 3 of the jelly ones and i love them, so shiney!! xxx

  19. lovely favourites, especially the mugs. x


  20. that gelly high shine is such a pretty color; and i myself own the undressed palette as well; how pretty is it :D

    xo; L&M

  21. love the MUA palettes and Berry M Gelly nail paints xx

  22. Love your tastes, I'm obsessed with those mugs! Xx


  23. Love the mugs Cath Kidston is a lovely company. I have many products from her.



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