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hey guys!

hope everyone is having a lovely beginning to the week so far, this is my last week of school before the easter holidays and it is seriously dragging! today i thought i'd do my entry for the Passion for Fashion Money Supermarket Blogger Competition! They lovely tasha from girlinthelens notified me about this and i quickly got onto getting together  my 3 outfits! if you haven't heard about this competition, you basically have to design 3 outfits for beach/holiday, casual and party and each one has to be less that 200! if you want to know more you can check out tasha's post here where there is more info on how to enter etc!

So let's get onto the outfits..

grand total: £150.98

I've chosen this really cute 2 piece bikini from topshop because it's so cute and would look great just under these topshop shorts along with this topshop top (wow, that is a lot of topshop ha). as it as a beach/holiday look, hopefully there would be a bit of sun, so these sunnies from asos are a MUST and add a really cute vintagey kind of vibe to the outfit! Then some nike blazers as just a nice fashionable trainer to wear on holiday! To finish off the look, I chose essie's bikini so teeny as it is a gorgeous blue colour, perfect for spring/summer.

 | bag £12.99 | sunglasses £10.00 | top £12.00 | jeans £38.00 | chelsea boots £40.00 | lipstick £8.00 | casio watch £35.00 |

grand total: £155.99

For the casual look, i have chosen some topshop leigh jeans with a really cute cat vest top, also from topshop. I love cats so i think i may have to buy this t-shirt myself. i then chose some asos chelsea boots which i love as they are just a classic. then topshop's lipstick in nevada as it is a really pretty nude. A casio watch for a bit o' bling. Another pair of asos sunnies, which again add a reto-y vibe to the look. finally, this really classic leather-look black bag from ebay!
| dress £18.00 | clutch bag £12.00 | lipstick £8.00 | eyelashes £4.45 | jigsaw earrings £29.00 | heels £32.00 |

grand total: £103.45  

For the party look i chose an LBD from riverisland with a cute lil clutch bad from asos, with these gorgeous suede look sandal heels from missguided. I thought i'd go for the classic red lip and lots of lashes! and also some gold studs from ted baker, to tie in with the gold detailing on the clutch!

So that is my entry for the Money Supermarket Competition! If you want to participate head over to tasha's blog to check out more information on how you can.

Thanks for reading, see you in my next post!


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Passion for Fashion Money Supermarket Blogger Competition
  1. Hello, nice to greet you again, what a great post.

    I followed unpar of weeks ago. I would be very pleased if follow me also.


  2. gorgeous outfits, love what you've picked!x


  3. gorgeous outfits! I hadn't heard about this competition before, maybe I'll give it a try! Love your blog, I just followed you! Feel free to check me out!

    Adventures in Procrastination

  4. All three outfits are gorgeous! And I'd love to do a button swap with you xxx

    1. thanks so much! will put your button on my blog now!xx

  5. love all tree of those outfits especially the last one those heels are gorgeous(:

  6. I really want some low nike blazers, I really like the moss green colour or whatever its called! shame there like 60 quid I wish they were a bit cheaper. Maybe I'll just go for some converse haha. Lovely outfits! X

    1. ahh same, they are a bit over priced in my opinion!x

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  8. your blog is amazing! followed! your outfits are fab! i would love to button swap with you!
    feel free to check out my blog!

  9. Love your outfits :) It looked like fun so I uploaded an entry yesterday too - makes me want to go shopping now though!

    Alice x



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