rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner in nude

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so today i have a little review for you! now most of you probably own or have at least heard of the rimmel scandal eyes eyeliners because they are amazing i own the black one too and i can honestly say it is my favourite pencil eyeliner i have ever used! anyway, this is the nude one and i haven't seen many highstreet brands come out with a nude eyeliner recently and never seem to really see any whenever i go into my local boots! there are some white ones floating around but i sometimes find them a bit too harsh for what i like to use nude liners for! so.. let's get on with the review (it may be a tad picture heavy)

this eyeliner retails at £3.99 from boots and is in the shade nude. it is really creamy and glides on sooo smoothly! i like to use this in my waterline to brighten up my eye and neutralise and redness, and it actually lasts really well on the waterline, unlike some eyeliners that slip off after about 2 minutes. i think this works better than a white eye pencil because white can look a little harsh and almost make the whites of your eyes look not as white as they should (if that made any sense). oooh another thing i like is that the pencil bit isn't wood it is like plastic or something (not too sure) so if you catch your eye with it, it doesn't scratch it or anything!

the thing i dislike about this product is that it is a bit too dark for my skin! i don't know if you can tell by the swatch, but it is a bit too orangey because i am so pale! and sometimes if i apply a bit too much and it kind of goes onto my skin in the inner corner it can look really weird and obvious! that is the only downside, and i'm sure if you have darker skin than me this would look great on you!

i shall definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out! and i am also looking into getting some more colours (i'm talking to you taupe!)

have you tried this liner? what are your thoughts?

thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


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rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner in nude
  1. I was trying to find this today but it was sold out everywhere! :(( It's such a lovely shade!! <33


  2. Oh my gosh now that I've read this review I feel like I need this eye liner! It looks amazing!!! :) xxx

  3. These eyeliners look amazing! I always forget to check them out when I'm in boots. I think I might actually write it down...they seem fab. :)

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  4. It sounds like a really good pencil, definitely need to check it out next time I'm in boots!

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  5. This looks so great, I used to use a white eyeliner but it was quite harsh, I'll have to try this!


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