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hey guys!

hope you're all well, today i'm going to do a tag! I saw this tag on sammie's blog (lovefromsammie) and thought i'd have a little go at it. tags are my fave for getting to know someone a little bit more and have a little nosey into someone's life..

When did you start your blog? 
I started by blog back in October 2012. I first made my blog in August, but i never actually posted anything haha.

Had you had any past online presence before? (i.e. another blog/YouTube)
I had a tumblr before this but not beauty related.

Why did you start a blog?
I just love reading blogs and watching youtube videos on beauty and fashion. I contemplated between youtube-ing and blogging and decided on the latter mainly because i don't have any editing software and i'm not the best with technology etc!
When did you become serious about starting a blog?
I think I started to do my posts properly towards the end of 2012/start of 2013.

What was your first post?
"Disco Pants" haha.. i didn't even get them in the end.

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
Trying to take pictures in good light, as it gets dark quite early haha. Also if i have a busy week and weekend it is sometimes hard to do posts.
Where do you see your blog in one year?
 hmm.. i think it will be the same as it is now, honest reviews, casual chatty posts and just to make some new friends and chat to new people who are interested in the same things as me through blogging too!

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
 chatting to new people on comments on my posts, and also theirs!

What is the most discouraging thing about blogging?
probably the negative comments i sometimes see on other people's blog. in my opinion they are unnecessary and uncalled for.

Whats your lasting motivation/inspiration? 
making people smile.. not just in blogging but in everyday life too. if i know i can do something that will put a cheeky smile on someones face, i'll try my hardest to do it.

so that is all of the questions, i tag all of you, please comment if you do this tag or have already done it! thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Olivia x

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tag: confessions of a blogger
  1. Great post! Love reading these so much hun! And I agree - the most challenging thing to me is to take good pictures and having good lighting! It can be so difficult sometimes! :))


  2. great post! i have the same problem about taking good pictures, it's really hard! but i always try my best. Also i think blogging is great to make friends from around the world who have your same interests! :) xx


  3. thank you but ive aleady done it!xx

  4. getting the lighting right on pictures is my biggest problem too! x

  5. Lovely Post, new follower here :)
    I think I may do this tag at some point, it looks fun!

    Lauren x

  6. I love this tag xx

    ide love if you checked out my blog, :-). terrileannex.blogspot.com

  7. i want to do this tag too!

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    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. go for it, id love to see it on your blog x

  8. Lovely post Olivia :)
    As with many of the girls- time & good photos are always a pain!


    1. thank you! thank goodness im not the only one haha x


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