eyebrow routine#1

hey lovelies!

hope you're all well and having a lovely start to the week! today i thought i'd do a post on my eyebrow routine! i often chop and change between products but i this is my go-to routine when i want to fill my eyebrows in, which is pretty much any day that i'm wearing make up.

products used: mac eyebrow pencil in lingering | mua clear mascara | maybelline eyebrow pencil - just for the spooly | 

1. i used the spooly end of my maybelline eyebrow pencil to brush through my brows, as i actually don't own an eyebrow comb. 
2. i lightly filled in my brows using little brush strokes to mimic hairs. i followed my natural eyebrow shape but added a bit more of an arch.
3. this is just what it looks like filled in, i think they look quite filled in here and you can stop here but i like to make them look a bit more natural, especially for school.
4.i then combed my eyebrows through again using the spooly end of my maybelline brow pencil. i think this helps them to look a little more natural.
5. then, to set my brows i use mua's clear mascara (which is embarrassingly grubby). this doesn't hold them in place as much as i wish it would. i think i may invest in the illamasqua brow gel as i have heard so many great things about it!
6. the finished eyebrow! 

So that is my finished eyebrow routine! i reviewed the mac eyebrow pencil in lingering if you want a more in depth review on it!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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5 comments on "
eyebrow routine#1
  1. GREAT POST!! I spend lots of time on my eyebrows in the morning and I've picked up a few extra tricks off this post! I love it! x


  2. so useful, you are lucky u have such a natural shape.
    So happy i found ur blog


  3. You have such gorgeous eyebrows they are such a nice shape!

  4. I use the natural collection shadow in Milk Chocolate to full in! Works so well and is so natural :)

  5. Thank you for your comment! Your blog is gorgeous. Following back :-)

    This is just the post I needed, my eyebrows are a disaster at the moment.

    Holly x



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