haul: topshop, primark, boots etc

Hello my lovelies!

So last weekend i went shopping..oops. But, in my defence i did manage to restrain myself from everything i laid eyes on when i was in town, and many were repurchases. Here's what i bought..

top photo L-R clockwise: Dove hair therapy oil | rimmel stay matte powder | collection lasting perfection concealer | models own nail polish in utopia | top shop blush in head over heels | stargazer white foundation
bottom photo L-R: khaki crop top & grey tshirt both primark

The dove hair therapy oil is something that i have been meaning to get for a while! i've seen it being featured and raved about on some blogs and my friend, who has beautiful hair, uses it too! It has such a gorgeous scent, that after i've put it in my hair i can't stop smelling it haha, and i love it when the wind blow and you get a little whiff of it. You can put it on either wet or dry hair which i love because it doesn't make my hair greasy or weighed down, but it makes it feel very nourished! Also, it's on offer at boots for £1.79 at the moment so it would be rude not to get it!

rimmel stay matte powder is pretty much the most raved about powder on the web. With it's low price tag and high quality, it's definitely worth the hype. They have changed the packaging slightly, making the lid go on tighter and more secure, which is a massive bonus! They have also embossed the rimmel crown logo on to the powder. I can't see myself buying another powder anytime soon as i love this so much, and will continue to repurchase until they discontinue it, which will hopefully be never! it's available from boots and superdrug for £3.99.

collection lasting perfection concealer is another well known and raved about beauty product in the blogosphere, which also has an incredibly low price tag. It has amazing coverage, and for me, almost the exact match. I find that as they get older, and start to run out they begin to go a bit orangey on me (or maybe im getting paler?!) so i repurchased a new one! i also find they get grubby so quickly too! this concealer is available from boots & superdrug for £4.19

models own nail polish in utopia is something that i saw on llymlrs' blog and fell in love instantly! The boots close to me didn't have a models own counter so when i went to my town's shopping center (manchester arndale) i was so excited to finally get this! it's a lovely grey-lilac-nude-pink-off white kind of shade! I have a notd coming your way soon!

topshop blush in head over heels I FINALLY OWN SOME TOPSHOP MAKE UP. although it's only a blush.. it still counts. I didn't want to buy loads of things from there just because i already have enough! after doing my favourite spring blushes rachael from beautypea.com said she was loving the topshop blush in head over heels so i thought i'd have a little swatch the next time i went to topshop and OH MY i love it. It is literally the colour of summer. Stupidly i took the picture above without the colour of the blush showing, so i will definitely do a blog post reviewing this blush!

stargazer white foundation is something i ordered online from blue banana because during the #bbloggers chat on twitter, a lot of people said they liked this to mix with darker foundations, and seeing as i'm very pale and many drugstore foundations are too dark for me i thought this was perfect.. however i think this is my least favourite purchase as it just doesn't work for me! despite making my foundation the right shade, it makes it very drying, and also makes it cling to dry patches sadly.. ahh well!

primark khaki crop top & grey tshirt were the only fashion purchases i made. i had my heart set on getting a black midi skirt but in primark they only had them in every size but my size and then in topshop and other places i just thought the price was a bit ridiculous so i am hoping to go back to primark and hope that they have my size! anyway, i got the crop top in a size 12 as i fell in love with it, especially the rolled back sleeves and again there were no size 8s and it was only £3! I also got a grey tshirt with the same style sleeves but full length! this is lovely for lounging about in and tucking into jeans/shorts/skirts, and it was a bargain for only £3.50!

So that is all for my haul! what have you bought recently?

Thanks for reading!


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7 comments on "
haul: topshop, primark, boots etc
  1. The Model's Own nail polish is such a nice colour x

  2. Love Topshop make up, it's so good!

    .Georgina Clare.

  3. Love Head Over Heels! Can't stop wearing it - so pretty! xx

    Rachael - beautypea.com

  4. The lasting perfectin concealer, model's own in utopia, and rimmel's stay matte are all things that I want to try! I like the grey t-shirt because it looks like something cute and casual but also something that you can layer with. :)

  5. The model owns nail polish looks beautiful


  6. Love the nail polish colour! and the stay matte.

    jess xx


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