lush mask of magnaminty review!

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it is finally friday! i have had such a long week preparing for my spanish oral which was today but i think it went pretty well, so hopefully the hard work payed off! and also, if you follow me on twitter you might  now that due to changing my url last week my posts haven't been showing up on my dashboard which is very annoying but fingers crossed i think it's fixed! If you didn't see my last post it was my eyebrow routine! anyway, today i thought i'd do a review on lush's mask of magnaminty!

What do Lush say?
 "This is one of our ultimate products and is intended for what Adrian Mole (Age 13 3/4) describes as Big Boy spots. Spots that take two days to come up but five days to bugger off.  And always when you have a date or something important coming up. Mask of Magnaminty does everything it can to fight these types of outbreaks and return the skin to tip top condition."
Mask of Magnaminty is a thick green mask that hardens and sets after you put it on your face. When you wash it off you can also rub it into your skin to exfoliate, which is great if you're like me and love 2-in-1 products! I use it 2 or 3 times a week and sometimes dotted it on those really bad, bruise-like spots for a bit of extra treatment! The mintyness (new word?!) of it makes your skin feel so refreshed and cleansed and not as "sluggish" (to quote lush). It's not at all drying and definitely makes my skin feel decongested, although I am not too sure about it preventing breakouts, not with my skin anyway, however i do find that it did help make my skin feel so much smoother and looked a lot clearer!.

Despite making you look a bit like the Hulk, I really like this face mask and shall definitely be repurchasing when i run out! I might also pick up cosmetic warrior as i have heard some good things about it!

Have you tried any Lush face masks? Which ones would you recommend?

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!


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lush mask of magnaminty review!
  1. It sounds like a great product and I love the freshness of mint so I'll have to try this face mask out sometime!
    Also, I hope you did really well on your Spanish oral exam (did mine yesterday), at least now you can relax.

    Kathryn x


  2. hi! I liked your blog :)
    ps: i am looking for mutual followers are you in? please let me know in my blog freezing-the-time.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment left on my blog and for the follow! Love yours as well, now following you back dear(:


  4. I really want to try a ush face mask. I really like the look of the consistency and the fact they are all natural ingredients x


  5. This sounds great, I've been looking for a new face mask for a while, might have to try this one!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, yours is great! Now following you :) xx



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