skin saviour!

good evening everyone!

today's post is going to be about a rediscovery of mine! it's called rescue oil, and is pretty much an exact dupe for bio-oil in terms of looks and packaging.

I bought this a while back from the pound shop, for only (yep you guessed it) £1. I really wanted to try out bi-oil but i thought it was a bit pricey for what it was, so when i saw this i bought it right away. I don't own bio-oil so i can't really compare them on quality and the way they work but they are pretty similar in looks! I've been using this on any dry patches on my face, hands, body, wherever! i have even used this as a hair oil and a bath oil as it's pretty multifunctional! I especially like to use this on any eczema on my arms/legs and face! i find this doesn't break me out at all, but when my skin is really a bit congested and i'm a bit spotty, i tend to just massage this into my face when i am in the bath/shower and then rinse it off and it leaves my skin feeling really smooth! i don't really use this in the morning before i put on make up unless my skin is really dry, as i feel it will just make me look really shiny/oil!

just like bio-oil, this can be used to prevent ageing skin, sun burn, scarring, stretch marks etc! (basically the works) although i'm only 15 so i don't really have ageing skin (well i hope not anyway) and i am lucky enough to not have any stretch marks, so i can't comment on how good it is for that! but again, it's amazing for dry skin!

I haven't been into the pound shop recently, so i'm not too sure if they still stock it! but if you want this and maybe don't have a pound shop or your local one doesn't stock it, you can buy it on amazon here!

Thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed this post!


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skin saviour!
  1. I've seen this in pound land a few times but thought eh it must be a little dodgy, but I'll definitely pick it up the next time I'm in there x


  2. It sounds great! I love my bio oil.

    jess xx

    1. i really like it! ooh ive never tried it before!x

  3. I have dry skin, so I need to look into this, this is a seriously amazing price, find some gems in the pound shop

    A little bit Unique


    1. you really do find some good stuff in there x

  4. Wow amazing price and it sounds like a lovely product! <3 Great post hun!


  5. Ooh this looks nice, I wonder what type of oil it is. Ive tried bio oil, bought it specifically for stretch marks but didnt think it was worth the price so this is a great find for £1! x


  6. This sounds great for £1! I love bio oil so a cheaper version would be perfect.thanks for sharing xxx

  7. my mum used to use bio oil and i tried it a few times but couldn't deal with the greasy-ness of it!! but this one for a pound does look pretty good. I want to try it!! maybe i'll be converted hah xx


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