OOTD: blue jeans, white shirt

hey guys!

today's post is going to be a quick outfit of the day! i tweeted, and i think i may have mentioned it in a blog post too, that i have swapped rooms with my sister, her room is a lot bigger than mine so now i will be able to do more outfit posts! I still have a lot of her stuff in my room but it's all going to be moved when her new furniture arrived! now, i'm incredibly sorry about the quality of these photos, i promise they will get better haha.

shirt - newlook (not available online)
jeans - primark
shoes (not shown) - barratts*

as you probably guessed by the title (also a lana del rey song.. *bursts out singing BLUE JEANS, WHITE SHIRT WALKED INTO THE ROOM YOU KNOW YOU MADE MY EYES BURN*) i'm wearing a white chiffon-y type shirt from newlook and some blue jeans from primark. these aren't my favourite jeans as they don't fit my legs well and tend to go baggy round my knees.. and also give you a bit of a camel toe so it's best to wear long-ish tops with them ha. the shirt is quite sheer so i popped a white vest under so it wasn't so revealing and also because of the terrible weather we're having at the moment. my make up and hair is pretty simple, i've just bunged my hair up in a bobble and then just some very natural make up.

that's all from me, thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Olivia x

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OOTD: blue jeans, white shirt
  1. We have the exact same outfit! I also sing that song whenever I wear it! Lovely look... Oh and, did you not change your url in the end?


    1. ahhh love it! and just changed it now!x

  2. lovely outfit, and your hair looks really nice like that!x


  3. I love wearing blue jeans and white shirt


  4. Replies
    1. thank you, and i love lana so much ahhh xx

  5. This outfit looks great! xx


  6. Love the outfit! It looks so cute on you! :)


  7. Love the outfit and the song :),

    jess xx

  8. I love your hair! It's so pretty.


    Chloe xx

  9. Love the shirt! x

  10. Great outfit, I love the shirt!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx

  11. just from the title i was going to quote lana del ray, but you totally beat me to it in your post! haha.
    lovely shirt! x

  12. That shirt is loovely, such a nice shape! Do you remember how much it cost? Trousers that go baggy at the knees P me off soo much, Ive got some knitted leggings from republic that need washing and reshaping after each flipping wear and they need a wool wash & no tumbly dry so its a faff. I hate washing trousers after every wear... is that a bit skanky?? oopsy xx


  13. this is such a gorgeous outfit, I am obsessed with sheer shirts at the moment!

    I'm your newest flower :)

    Project Rattlebag xx

  14. That shirt is gorgeous! love your blog,Would you mind checking my blog out?

  15. Super Cute

    Check out my latest post


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